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Dangerous Poison In Lipstick

by Tatiana Plesco

Who wants to be beautiful must suffer. This old adage is known and yet it is not taken too seriously. How much truth is actually behind it, we show you an example from the field of decorative cosmetics – lipstick.

  • Women suffer course to make every day beautiful

Finally, it is fun, with a few little tricks to change the look positive. But what would be the best makeup without a matching lipstick? The lipstick is the beauty utensil, with the woman underline their femininity and can radiate their own conception of elegance and style. Therefore, the lipstick is a must for any perfect makeup. Offered in numerous colors and different textures, lipstick counts nowadays by far the most popular make-up accessories.

But an expressive rouged mouth with lipstick is not only beautiful to look at. The lipstick also poses a threat to health because it can contain a lot of toxins. These are at least partially received by wetting the lips with the tongue from the saliva and thus pass into the body. What they can do there, gives the above-quoted saying, “Who wants to be beautiful must suffer,” a completely different dimension.

  • A lipstick for high performance

The claim to the lipstick has increased enormously in recent years. And that is what exactly determines the advertising specialists cosmetics manufacturer. A lipstick is the trends nowadays only if it meets certain conditions. These include more intensive color pigments, an irresistible gloss, and durability of at least 24 hours – of course without running into the lip lines or losing color intensity.

  • Expensive are not good at the same time

Many of the ingredients used conventional lipsticks are a cause for concern because they are known to be hazardous to health. Some of them are suspected to cause allergic reactions and other show even a carcinogenic effect. Although this is known already, these substances are still to be found in nearly all conventional lipsticks – in cheap brands as well as in high-priced branded products.

  • Ingredients conventional lipsticks

The harmful to health ingredients in lipsticks include, for example, the petroleum-derived paraffin and mineral oils. To set a non-water soluble film on the lips, this makes them seem soft and supple. But in truth, they have no care property. On the contrary, you withdraw the lips the natural moisture and dry them out. The same applies to silicones, formaldehyde and diethyl phthalate also present in many lipsticks. All drugs carry a high carcinogenic risk. To drown out the unpleasant smell of the raw materials used is not saved with synthetic fragrances. Finally, no woman would use a stinking lipstick. An American study by the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) found that lipsticks contain dangerous amounts of metals such as aluminum, cadmium, lead, titanium, and other toxins at alarmingly high levels. Get lead or aluminum into the brain, it can cause irreparable brain damage.


  • The effect remains individual

Sure it is not possible to specifically assess the danger of these pollutants. Finally, total loads of a person with toxins and other pollutants are also individually being regarded as the basic pollutant load. Particularly vulnerable are pregnant and lactating women because they give the toxins through the placenta or through breast milk to the fetus or the baby on.

The blood-brain barrier of babies and small children is not fully developed so that the toxins get almost unhindered into the brain and can cause severe developmental disabilities.

  • A lipstick from controlled production

Start but immediately afterward with the obviousness: Buy first a new lipstick. Excellent alternatives to conventional products can be found in the area of certified natural cosmetics. A lipstick in a controlled natural cosmetics quality protects and cares for your lips. Other than it was a few years ago, these lipsticks are now also available in a wide color selection. Only the 24-hour maintenance, you may not expect here, because that is possible only with the aid of harmful admixtures.

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