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Superficial World of Fashion

by Tatiana Plesco
Superficial World of Fashion

Communicate fashion as another beautiful sign of life. In fact, the biggest fashion designer in the world is Mother Nature herself with her beautiful, imaginative and bright expressions all around. For humanity, from the olden days itself, fashion was a starting place for the joyful and creative expression of life just like the art, the science, the dance, the music and of course sex.

Fashion exists as two worlds today, the real and the on the surface. In the superficial world of fashion, it is perceived as the freedom of the so-called upper strata of the society. This is the disaster of today’s fashion. Some people with the money, power, and glamour flaunt the so-called fashion and the rest of the world is made to believe that this is the real fashion.

This is a kind of fashion that is being hyped and flaunted by choosing a few and which is not reachable to most of the people. This is the shallow and superficial world of fashion that exists as we can see today.

  • The authentic world of fashion

However, we require understanding that this is just a small minority group and the real world of fashion is much richer and larger in ratio. Real fashion is about how people express their traditions and culture through their clothing, ornaments, the art, the science, the music, and dance. This is the real world of fashion which has to be exposed to us. So let’s express fashion that is the “real” fashion.

  • Genuine fashion

From the individual viewpoint, the real fashion radiates from deep within. Here, you never imitate anybody. It just naturally comes to you. It is nothing but a deep desire of the heart and the soul to be full and whole from deep within and project it externally. To discover the real fashion you need to understand your inner self and its deep desire to connect with the external world through the joyous and colorful patterns of expression.

Next time you visualize about fashion, think about your needs and your ease and then see the magic of fashion getting expressed in you in a real expressway. When you just do it the natural way that is your way, you will start finding that people take a note of you.

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So when we speak express fashion, it is not just incomplete to your clothes or ornaments that you wear but it involves expressing your radiant personality. It is an expression of your inner pleasure which is reflected through your body, your mind, your heart and your soul. It comes out naturally and radiates outward because of the feeling of being entire and one with nature. This is a very womanly and soothing manifestation of the self-irrespective of the gender. Fashion is, therefore, an attractive manifestation of the feminine principle itself.

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