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Your Detox – Lose Weight And Feel Good

by Tatiana Plesco
Your Detox - Lose Weight And Feel Good

Detoxing is the direct way to health. Excess Kilos are tumbles, during detoxification waste products are removed, organs are relieved and poisons discharged. At the same time, the body is supplied with vital nutrients and antioxidants, and the mineral inventories are replenished. The 4-week-detox is very easy to be performed. It is ideal as an introduction to a healthy surplus base diet and will delight you with its deliciously healthy recipes not only your partner but your whole family.

  • Purify and feel good

In order to appreciate the positive influence of a detox properly on the body, it requires some basic information on the health impacts of waste. If you read this text, you will be able to assess your level of slagging quite well already. We wish you a successful detox!

  • Slugs make you sick

First, we should define the term waste a little more closely. Slugs can be very different substances. These body-depleting substances arise mainly during the digestion of unhealthy food but also reach out environmental and toxic loads to which humans are exposed in ever greater extent, in the organism. There, they are stored permanently inter alia in the connective tissue.

On the other hand, among the cinders problematic substances such as oxidized cholesterol (which accumulates with preference in the blood vessel walls) and is finally called arteriosclerosis. Slags of this type can have serious consequences for the heart and brain health  as they can lead to heart attack and stroke. The slag but also includes the results of certain metabolic disorders, namely bladder stones, kidney stones and gallstones. In this section include the uric acid crystals that can lead to gout and kidney stones. Even those deposits in the joints, leading to immobility and pain may be described as the slag.

Of course, results of a bad diet consist a certain waste product in the body. As a poor diet weakens the excretory organs (intestine, kidney, liver) simultaneously, this also reduces the ability of the body to excrete the waste products independently and in full.

  • Nutrition

A diet that leads to a large part of this waste is now quite normal, unfortunately for many people. It is the daily diet of most modern people. Such diet consists of white flour products (pasta and baked goods), meat and dairy products (sausage, cheese), confectionery, coffee and cake or biscuits, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and many, many finished products.

  • Slags burden the entire organism

The food related products listed above are consumed by most people not just daily but also in too large amounts. The result is that the ability of the organs to excrete the slag decreases and the body becomes too acid and this acidification has in the body corrosive properties which must be neutralized.

  •  Detox fasting counterproductive

Taking into account the facts listed above is one or the other certainly the idea of temporarily once to refrain entirely from the supply of food for the body to excrete harmful waste products and thereby lose weight, so it can detoxify.

Basically, this idea is right and good – but be careful! Fasting is not suitable for everybody. In particular, people who are already suffering from serious health problems and people whose liver is (in whatever form) is significantly impacted by toxic influences, should first refrain from fasting. By the total relinquishment of food, the body during fasting releases more acids and toxins which often overwhelming to entire organ system.

  • The alternative to fasting: detox

During the detox, diet is changed in a way that allows the body to lead out slags, without overwhelming the organ system. This detox is easy to perform, tasty, very effective and the body is de-acidified mellow high.

  • Avoid Acid-forming foods

The difference to conventional detox programs is that the supply of acid-forming foods is very limited while increasing the alkaline-forming foods. Such detox has a very positive effect on health. At the same time disappear during the detox in most people excess pounds – and do so without appearing hunger.

  • The benefits of detox

  1. The advantages of our detox at a glance are the following:
  2. Purification by short-term change in diet (4-week course)
  3. Easy to perform
  4. No feeling of hunger
  5. Tasty recipes
  6. Purify without overloading the organs
  7. More Energy and Stamina
  8. Positive effect on the acid-base balance
  9. Weight loss

Become active! Take the opportunity to benefit your health and detoxify you!

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