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Drink Best Teas For Your Health

by Tatiana Plesco

The analyses of the Tea Association of the US have proved that about half of the population of the Americans drinks tea on any day. The tea is both iced and served as ready for consumption or from tag bags for which you can consider iced tea dispensed from a soda fountain. Quite recently, there has been a minor increase in the loose tea sales that is what is specialized in at Believe teas.

You must know the advantages before you buy loose leaf tea online. Tea is something soothing and aromatic and has been globally popular for over 500 years. Not only tea serves multipurpose, but you will find blends of teas in the thousands, each with its own flavor – there are numerous health benefits of consuming the right kind of tea. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Assistance in Weight Loss

The green variety of tea is good for weight loss. Green tea that is non-oxidized is rich in catechins, which serves as a natural antioxidant. These antioxidants act as protective nutrients to your cells from damage and help in the overall function of your body. There are well-known foods like spinach and nuts for years, but green tea gives stronger health benefits. There is a significant lessening of Body Weight, BMI, body fat mass, waist circumference, and subcutaneous fat with the consumption of such tea.

  • Providing Relaxation and Re-Leaf

The freshly abrupt cup of tea, especially its warmth is soothing in and of itself. You can buy loose tea online and curl up with a steaming mug and a blanket wrapped around you is good for your body and soul. Believe teas have a tranquil blend that is made up of rosehips, chamomile, peppermint and more. You can consume this blend of calming ingredients just an hour prior to hitting the bed for the assistance with stress relief and sleep better in the night. Tea comes from a flowering plant so even if you are suffering from ragweed allergy, you must go for teas that proffer soothing comfort.

  • Helping in the Elimination of Cancer

 White tea is made from the same plant as green and black teas. White teas contain high levels of polyphenols that include tannins, catechins, flavonoids, and theaflavins. White tea has anti-cancer benefits. Its extract enhances a certain kind of cell death in the cultures of the laboratory of two diverse kinds of non-small cell lung cancer cells.

  • Metabolism Boosting

Analyses have shown that green tea often heightens your metabolism. Mice who were on a high-fat diet and exercised and consumed the extract of green tea lost more weight than those who never consumed. The conclusion is that green tea extract in combination with voluntary exercise diminishes the symptom of metabolic syndrome and diet-induced flabbiness in a high-fat-fed individual more significant than either treatment alone. Increased fat metabolism and diminished synthesis of fat is the result of an amendment in body fat. Genes related to energy metabolism are modulated with the help of green tea.

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