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Earthing. Connect To The Earth And Capture The Energy.The Medical And Therapeutical Powers Discovered.

by Tatiana Plesco

Earth as a symbol

In order to better understand how deep is inculcated in our subconscious minds and in reality this element, Earth, it is enough to analyze some of the symbolic representations that he acquired in the consciousness of the people along the time.
An essential element for the life of the human being, the Earth has one of the most profound and stable representations in the mind and conscience of the people. For thousands of years, it is symbolically associated with fecundity, regeneration and even life itself.
The earth-born all creatures feed them, then gets again, favoring such germ fecundation revival and perpetuation. The positive virtues of the earth can be found in the human being always close to nature: meekness and obedience, and firmness.

To these should be added to the humiliation, etymologically derived from the Latin “humus” that she’s lean and from which man was modeled.

The symbolism of the Earth is also connected to the native function. Mother earth that gives life and takes it back. worshiping toward Earth, our job utters: “Naked I came out of my mother’s womb, and naked I get back into the ground ‘, assimilation of the mother earth.
Mother Earth and the woman are often assimilated into various literature passages: sown arable fields and furrows, and penetrating sex, births and harvest, farm work and regenerating act, picking fruit and lactation.
The Aztec Earth goddess was at the same time Nourishing Mother that sustain life and the one that feeds on the dead while being the killer. From the creative aspects, vital and sustaining, Earth gets to higher ends by creating symbols meanings have been maintained despite the passage of time.
The Holy land appears among the Jews and Christians, but also in other traditions, as a spiritual world, which corresponds to the center of the world proper to each separately.

Traditions Earth

An earth full of happiness, Saints of immortality, the land of promise, represents all the promise of Earthly Paradise, the target of the search of a purely spiritual Canaan Land, to Jews, new Jerusalem for Christians.
Traditions Earth
Regeneration can thus be and spiritual nature, where the Earth finds representation in most aspects of its operations. If the consciousness of the people, the Earth has connotations of both the ample, becomes easier to understand the value of using this vibration for the purpose of healing and regeneration of the human being.
Earth in a human being physically different in the reflection of body organs and tissues of our body reflects in large measure the presence of this element, their satisfactory operation depending on a balanced and harmonious state of his bones, teeth, nails, hair, muscles.
Energy determines the Earth’s subtle body, ensures its density, represents the main factor pal, life support and human being, vitality being the agent of the Foundation or simply support.
The reflection in the emotions and thoughts of human Minds and emotions reflected in a special manner the presence of the element of creation. Provide some benchmarks to identify the presence of his own energy, chatting.
In the case of balanced feelings and events that will constantly appear are established exceptional tea inside perseverance, humility, determination, subject to the gratitude, detaching, inner feelings about security generosity, richness, meekness.
In the case of incapacity of the manifestation of energy, the most obvious disruption of this subtle element in our being is an over materialist and deeply selfish ego. Our ego, in question, is afraid it will lose everything and that we will be missing much, leading us to isolation accompanied by a paranoiac fear; weight problems, mood crash, confusion.
Hubris and arrogance, acquisitive desire and possession, avarice and selfishness, the predator instinct are awkward moods that can magnify very much the disturbances of this item.
Correspond following diseases, rheumatism, arthritis are obese and excessive deficient digestive toxins, minerals and vitamins, weakening of the bones and teeth strength.
Correspond diseases

Causes of the incapacity of the Earth element

1. Impure food consumption

Impure food consumption, gross. especially foods with chemical compounds, are no longer ‘ recognized ‘ by the body as natural elements and, therefore, they can no longer be equated only with great effort.
Most often, the consumption of sugar, foods with chemical additives and even meat in excess, leads to a diminishing body harmony, resistance, and psychosomatic equilibrium. It can be noticed in the formation of some poor bodily tissues, but also reflecting the level of mind and our feelings of this disturbance of the Earth.
Not in vain,  in all religions and spiritual traditions there are periods of fasting, as well as certain purification of the body designed to shake off ‘ dust ‘, both because of the neglect gathered in bodies and souls or minds of men.

2. Materialistic Attitudes.

Taken to the extreme, almost exclusively only mind orientation towards the needs of the stomach or to obtain certain material goods lead to serious disturbances of this fundamental energies in our being.
The one who gets to look only towards the down to Earth and what can it offer (wealth, social position, advantages), forgetting to look towards the sky with sincerity, or (even better) deep down their own beings to discover the specific needs of the soul, to lose sight of the essential, the soul of becoming too heavy and inert dry Earth.

3. The Rigidity in Thinking.

Inertia, excessive materialism are as many causes of disease. In unison with modern medicine, psychosomatic healing spiritual traditions say that all these disturbing moods almost inevitably lead to the appearance of various body rigidity and specific diseases (mentioned above).
Earth therapeutic from symbolic soccer mommy traditions Asian and African Super old, designed to cure and harden up to calling ‘ Earth Angels ‘ in some texts mention your Christian apocryphal, the idea is always the same: regeneration through contact with the forces of Earth, death in a lower form of life to be reborn in another.
The use of Earth in order to heal the country is definitely one of the oldest therapies known both in the East and in the West.
From external use (as for me of poultices, burying in the warm sand or mud bath) until the internal consumption of rich in minerals clay, therapies ‘ Earth ‘ restore tone being, removes toxic organ spooks from collaboration, back to normal deformities, joint stiffness, removes bring freshness and vigor.
burying in the warm sand or mud bath
A brief foray into the scientific world Astrology never ceases to distinguish this science of astrology which seems, for those ignorant, non-fundamental, but it is used with much success to those who initiate.
Detractors of astrology do not have noticed but a very important thing, namely that she is among the few sciences which present a typology of framing people in well defined, consistent, uniform. Each of us has this thirst to know, find out what you can expect in the future, as well as on what could make nowadays to live better.
The mere knowledge of zodiacs, each of us can learn these features, strengths, and weaknesses, what are the qualities that must be based, relational problems, health or social they may face.
In other words, astrology is among the few sciences which allow us to know and recognize. Statistically, it was found that more than 75% of people are found in the typology of their zodiac, very few being those whose characteristics do not correspond at all to the astrological details conferred by the time of delivery.
The general public does not know or, most often, ignore these astrological considerations the substrate which is formed by the subtle elements. The first of these is even subtle element Earth.
There are three signs in the zodiac to which element dominates the Earth (being even called signs of the Earth):

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Persons born in these signs, with the predominant energy of the Earth, shows certain common characteristics, but also many of adjustable these energies specific to their zodiac. Let’s first of all defining elements of each Earth signs. Modulation of the Earth’s energy to the Zodiac
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn


In time interval corresponding to this violence, 21 April to 20 may the Earth warmed by the Sun of spring releases, speaking in astrological terms, the breath of life (which is dormant during the Winter) that makes the plants grow quickly.
Therefore, the sign of Taurus is the best sign of the Earth in relation to aspects of nature, being a sign of vitality in the expansion. This sign gives them the natives generally robust and healthy Constitution, power and toughness, but also a certain slowness.
Taurus is unwieldy but powerful; quiet but furious. Go slowly, but sure and secure. People under this sign are very careful to gain at public expense to make life enjoyable.
Will fulfill the tasks they are entrusted with great tenacity, but with a certain routine, not to improve the method. Often lack initiative and are very conservative.
A great defect can constitute stubbornness. If you do not make efforts to overcome, their destiny will be predominantly oriented towards the acquisition of wellness conjugate materials with a good living, convenient.
A continuous concern to acquire wealth must be somewhat defeated because they can compromise on the one hand health (overuse), and on the other hand they alter the spiritual inclinations toward beauty, purity, towards the spiritual.

 Modulation of the energy of the Earth to Virgo Zodiac.

In this specific interval, August 24-September 22, vegetation reaches its peak. Harvest is stored with great care in order to be preserved for long periods of time. The Earth is now out of print. It should be left to rest and must also be fed during the months to come.
Virgo natives are practical people, smarter, and conserve resources. Unlike those of the Zodiac Taurus, they are being more active, but their work is not the restless nature, but rather the practice.
Virgo natives prefer this rather than obstacles to avoid face to face conversations. They have special optics, analytical, worldview, relating the critical and practical things. Often pedantic beings, who like categorizations and statistics.
 When I’m aspected, the beings of this sign have a predisposition toward criticism, manias of all sorts (including public safety, hygiene), hypochondria.

Modulation of the Earth’s energy to the Capricorn zodiac.

Signs during this, December 23-January 21, the Earth begins to assimilate the nutrients that you received during the previous decomposition and combustion.
Capricorn zodiac
The symbol of this zodiac is an animal that lives in high mountains, and evoke the similarity of the work of the Earth under the sign of Capricorn and the ascent of a mountain with the arid soil, often completely devoid of vegetation.
The Earth froze during this period is not spend anything, apparently, but in reality, during this period there has been slow, gradual assimilation, whose fruit, but in time will see.
The natives of this sign are ambitious-IV-Ness, people that adapts the hardest conditions. Are independent, even with natures certain anarchic tendencies, who do not feel well in the subordinate position, but who is hiding ambitions for fear not to compromise (a form of caution specify this astrology).
To a harmonious aspect, native of Capricorn is the type of managed, strict ascetic, scholar, researcher of the mysteries of nature.
The type disharmonies will be characterized by selfishness but, I feel basically pushed to an extreme, possessiveness, tend to use the others, and can be affected by serious mental disorders (manifestations of sadism times jealousy are common).
A synthesis of the energy characteristics of the Earth by analyzing the characteristics of three native astrology, we can notice some items that can be found.
On the physical level, it shows strength, vigor, tendency to conserve and manage resources very well. In plan view, stands powerful practicality, feel a need for emotional stability (which can degenerate into possessiveness), a tendency to sort things out, as well as a strong need to ensure security and comfort.
At the level of mental energy of the Earth is manifested by order, stability (which I rarely turn into rigidity, conservatism), analytical mind, incline toward calculations, statistics, working with figures in general.
The great qualities that we have more or less latent subjects predominate this energy are: stability and vitality, the vigor of mind and mental tendency towards order, resistance.
Have you ever wondered why we feel a special pleasure when we walk barefoot through wet grass of the morning dew or on the seafront?
walk barefoot
The answer to this question is one that we can transform the way you do both these things, but especially the frequency with which we do it.
Most shoes nowadays have soles made of rubber or plastic, and this simple fact may have adverse consequences on health. In 1998, Clint Ober, former Chief Executive at a company, retired TV, relax on a bench in a park in his hometown.
While looking at tourists who were passing by before him, and he realized that everyone, including him, wore shoes with soles of rubber or plastic and asked whether this has any negative impact on health.
I thought arose in his mind because of his profession; He has strongly impregnated the idea that all the electrical systems of buildings are stabilized and protected by the Earth through grounding, and electrical cables are insulated with rubber or plastic.
Ober was asked whether the energy field of the Earth and protect our health. His simple question will lead to years of experiments and surveys, and the results were astounding.
Although they describe it in a different way, almost all modern schools of alternative medicine talking about ‘ power ‘, the ancient concept of Electra. It was discovered that the skin, which is a kind of ‘ interface ‘ between our body and the outside environment, it is a very good conductor.
Connected to Earth, any part of the skin can capture the energy, but it was found that areas in the middle of the foot, known as acupuncture points Kidney 1 (R1), are especially strong receptors telluric energy.
From the point of view of conductive, these points symmetrical connects to all the meridians of acupuncture and is therefore in relation to every nook and cranny of our body. Rubber soled shoes or plastic, which have an insulating effect, prevents the level of captured telluric energy and feet of full body robs the beneficent effects of it.
Not at all incidentally, in current society, where people live in blocks or skyscraper, being increasingly detached from the contact with the ground, diseases are becoming more numerous. Studies have shown that ‘ grounding ‘-contact directly with the Earth going barefoot on the surface his-has a great positive influence on our health.
When we connect with the soil, a free-electron transfer from the Earth in the flesh. Free electrons have a powerful antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals that cells producing bullying and premature aging or accelerated, heart disease, cancer, and many other maladies.
heart disease, cancer
Among the benefits of the free electron, effects include beneficial changes of heart rate, decrease in the electrical resistance of the skin, reducing inflammations.
To understand the scientific point of view what is happening when we are connected to Earth and the impact that it has on the earthing of the inflammatory response, Dr. Oschman, of the University of Pittsburgh, explained what happens in the event of trauma.
Dr. Oschman, an expert in the field of energy medicine, a doctor in biology and Bachelor’s degree in Biophysics, he is the author of a large number of books on all topics related to Biophysics medicine, is widely recognized as an authority in the field. ‘ Even to the slightest concussion, if you have had of the door, the immune system responds immediately by sending neutrophils (white blood cells) at the site of impact.
Neutrophils secrete reactive oxygen species (SRO), called free radicals. These are very important molecules which have the mission to destroy; kind of like Pac-Man. where bacteria have penetrated through the skin into the body, these free radicals will destroy them very quickly. If there are any damaged cells, free radicals will destroy them, leaving the place for that healthy cells can move and in this way the tissues to be repaired.
All these are known as the inflammatory response, which has five characteristics: redness, heat, pain, loss of the ability of movement and swelling.
What I discovered is really important is that the inflammatory response is not required. Inflammation, which in medicine is considered an important part of the healing process, it is, in fact, an artifact caused by the lack of free electrons in the tissues.
In case of an injury, neutrophils deliver reactive oxygen species (SRO) in the affected area, but some of these free radicals can reach the surrounding healthy tissue. Actually, This is what creates the inflammatory response. “
Research on the ‘ grounding ‘ discovered that if once we hit shots or accidentăm us keep bare feet directly on the ground, the free electrons from the Earth will enter the body and it will spread through the tissues, preventing the appearance of an exaggerated inflammatory response. Any free radical in healthy tissue will be immediately neutralized electric electrons available.
‘So, the connection to the Earth grounding protects the body from what I call ‘ collateral damage ‘, “says Dr. Oschman. ‘ Damage to tissues in the vicinity of stricken areas should not take place, but it appears that we have disconnected from the Earth, through the interposition of rubber and plastic between our feet and the ground.
feet and the ground
” To be able to adapt the grounding to modern lifestyle, experts have found ways to bring the energy of land-based sources directly into people’s homes.
Thus arose the electric blankets that we can connect to the energy of the earth while we sleep, rugs for the computer on which to sit your bare feet while you work, or slippers that have a sole material that allows the connection between point R1 and Earth.
David Wolfe, a well-known personality in the field of alternative medicine and a strong supporter of grounding, did an experiment, during a presentation. 20 people in the room were connected to the energy of the Earth through an electrical cord that has one end buried in the ground. After 80 minutes, participants were collected blood and have made analyses which were then projected directly and explained on the spot.
Results proved inconclusive. Grounding, a strategy against aging one of the main theories regarding the process of aging is that of free radicals. According to it, the aging occurs due to progressive deterioration of tissue produced by the action of free radicals.
If we cannot fully prevent the emergence of free radicals in the body, we can still bring enough antioxidants to ensure that free radicals do not produce collateral damage. Connecting to the earth can help us achieve an optimum ratio of free radicals/antioxidants, electrons contributing substantially to maintain their health.
There are three types of models explaining the emergence of the aging process as a result of the action of free radicals:
  1.  Theory of damage/DNA mutation due to free radical damage.
  2. Theory of mitochondria following metabolic processes carried out at the level of the mitochondria-cellular-“plants do occur, as a byproduct, free radicals. In the meantime, under the action of these free radicals, mitochondria are damaged and self-destructing, which quickly leads to cell death in question.
  3. Theory of cross-proteins, which explains the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Proteins stick together, reducing the efficiency of enzymes. In my studies of Biophysics and cell biology has shown that the body is designed with a «fabric» semiconductor that connects everything in the body, including inside each cell, “says Dr. Oschman. ‘ I refer to this system as a matrix.
The electrons entering at the bottom of your feet can get anywhere in the body. Thus, in any place where they form free radicals, electrons will be around, that they can neutralize.
In this way can be prevented all the processes that lead to aging: Mitochondrial damage, sticking or damaged proteins and genetic mutation.
The entire path structure is essentially an antioxidant defense system, present in every part of our body.  So, when you go barefoot directly on the ground, put away electrons which the body stores them, being available at any point where a free radical is formed, for example, when you hit.
” The beneficial effects on the blood of another very important discovery with respect to ground is that it fluids the blood, making it less viscous.
This discovery may have a powerful impact on cardiovascular diseases, which are currently the leading cause of death. Virtually every aspect of cardiovascular disease was correlated with increased blood viscosity.
The team of researchers led by doctor Oschman evaluated blood viscosity through a method called zeta potential.
The method involves measuring the electrical potential of the red blood cells in the blood, by determining the speed with which they migrate in an electric field.
It seems that when it occurs, the zeta potential of increase grounding quickly, which means that red blood cells have on their surface a greater electrical charge, which removes them from one another. It makes the blood should be flowing again thinner and lighter. It also lowers blood pressure significantly.
Another evident implication of this is that through mutual alienation, red blood cells are prevented from clutter and form clots. In this way is a much-reduced risk of occurrence of pulmonary embolisms, and multi-infarct dementia caused by damage to the brain tissue as a result of micro-coagulators in the brain.
Simple ways to connect to the energy of the Earth, obviously, the easiest way to connect to the energy of land-based sources is to go barefoot on Earth directly. The ideal place is on the beach, near the water or in the water, because seawater is a very good conductor. Our body also contains the largest part of its water so that it creates a good connection.
Grass, especially if it is covered with dew, is another extremely suitable area. But what to do if you live in the city? According to Dr. Oschman, concrete is a good conductor, as long as it has not been isolated. Other materials such as asphalt, wood and plastic and pre-trial typical-rubber, do not allow electrons to pass on in our body.
In addition to walking without shoes, there are other ways to connect to the energy of land-based sources. Any direct contact with an object that is a good conductor in relation to the Earth, a metal wire, a pipe, or even a tree, we can upload with free electrons.
Another solution that most of us use it without realizing it is the shower. While we’re in the shower, make contact with earth energy through water, which flows through pipes buried in the ground.
This is one of the explanations for which we feel so good in the shower and even inspiring and we have all sorts of creative ideas. Throughout the history of humanity, whole civilizations have honored the land and the connection with it.
Modern lifestyle has made it so that the man came to be a stranger to the Earth that gives life and nourishes it. Our century children no longer play on land or in the grass, are confined concrete apartments and houses.
David Wolfe says that when we connect with the soil we’re practically in contact with all living beings connected to Earth at that moment, whether plants, animals or other people at the opposite end of the world.
From this perspective, reconnecting with the earth energy can be regarded as a simple and natural way to reintegrate ourselves into the harmony of nature and becoming increasingly aware of the essential unity of all things.
Updated by editor 4/9/19

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