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Enzymes- The Real Workers Inside Our Body That Maintain Our Life And Health

by Tatiana Plesco

God gave us an extraordinary harvest of cereals, vegetables, and fruits, you should enjoy. Besides their wonderful flavor and fragrance, gifts of nature carry in them the spark of life: enzymes, currently at its peak.

Dr. MAHMOOD SAHOTRA-specialist family medicine, with competence in Apifitotherapy ‘, cut Us life with about 20 years, when we eat mostly food prepared at the recent ‘ heat-Apitherapy Congress in Bucharest, his dvs. the importance of enzymes in eating has enjoyed a great deal of interest. Considering that they are the shortest path to health, please disclose them and our readers their miracle.

Enzymes are, in fact, ‘ the magic ‘ that put in motion all the biochemical processes that occur in a living organism. The particularly important role of enzymes health is known for decades, but, sadly, no longer is taken very seriously by the medical world. In his famous book ‘ live food ‘, Dr. Ernst Günther stated: ‘ there are no cell division, growth, and reproduction without enzymes.
They are simultaneously administrators and executors of that Creator placed them in every living being. Dr. Edward Howell (the first researcher who recognized the importance of enzymes from human nutrition), now more than 80 years: ‘ enzymes are ‘ workers ‘ who built the ‘ hand ‘ with their entire body, using for this purpose, protein carbohydrates, and fat.
protein carbohydrates
The body is like a warehouse in which there are all the building materials, but without workers, it cannot begin construction ‘. In other words, the enzymes make life possible, which is why they were called ‘ the catalyst life ‘ or ‘ spark of life ‘.
  • What are the enzymes that we really need? -All the body’s enzyme armory is important because without enzymes I can not living! They are involved in all the biochemical processes of the body: digestive, metabolic, hormonal, immune, regenerating, etc.
No vitamins, no minerals or hormones can’t do anything without enzymes. We depend on them to breathe, to eat, to move, to see, to work! In the body, enzymes work with impressive speed, being able to assist up to several tens of thousands of chemical reactions every second. There are many kinds of enzymes, but generally, they classify metabolic enzymes in digestive and food.
Unfortunately, food and chemical processing, preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes, artificial flavors and other modern ‘ poisons ‘ do not contain any trace of the enzyme, of any type! It’s good to know that food enzymes are found only in feeding exclusively raw (vegetables, fruits, honey, seeds and germs, pollen, pasture, raw milk, raw egg yolk).
food enzymes
Subjected to temperatures above 42gr. C they are destroyed irretrievably. And without food enzymes, nutrients from food can no longer be assimilated! In addition, we are born with a limited reserve of enzymes, which is consumed during billions of biochemical reactions in the body.
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Therefore, as we age, the amount of the enzyme diminishes. The problem is that metabolic enzymes may not be taken from food supplements, and they must reach us throughout life!
The enzymes digest the food act synergistically: provides food for cells to maintain a healthy life. If our diet contains enough enzyme, domestic supplies will be kept to maintain metabolic harmony. If we seem to eat mostly cooked food (as in the case of ‘ modern ‘), will be transformed into metabolic enzymes in digestive enzymes.
This ‘ theft ‘ of the enzyme from other areas of the body for the maintenance of the digestive system triggers a competition between the various systems of organs and tissues, which in turn will lead to exhaustion ‘ stock ‘ enzyme (and limited) of the body, one of the important causes of premature aging, and degenerative diseases of the appearance of early death. Dr. Mahmood Sahotra-to understand that longevity is directly influenced by the amount of raw food that we eat?
Raw Foods
  • Laboratory Experiments have shown that a diet without enzyme (only cooked food) resulted in a 30% reduction of the duration of life in Guinea Pigs. Making an analogy with the longevity of human life, this means that, on average, cut us life by about 20 years, when we eat mostly cooked food.
All animal experiments have shown that a nutrition based food heat leads to abnormal weight, decrease the size of the brain, the Detrusor muscle thyroid gland, even in the presence of sufficient amounts of iodine.
The statistics in the US has revealed that people over 50 years of age, deaths by accident (who did the autopsy, to find out the exact cause of death), pituitary gland affected. Subsequently, the specialists have discovered that this was due to the ‘ modern ‘ just food, not having any connection with the possible cause of death …
You see so that these things are linked and according to this observations-indeed, the stock of enzyme that will dictate us talking lifespan! ‘ Cooked Food is recognized by the body as an ‘ enemy ‘-After so many hundreds of years of cooked food, how it was not adapted to the human body from it?
  • Because I can do this! When we eat cooked food, after 30 minutes, leukocytosis (WBC 12,000-20,000/mm3), what looks like cooked food is recognized by the body as an ‘ enemy ‘. If this happens a few times a day, for several years, this will lead to overuse of the immune system, which will be reflected in our State of health.
immune system
If we eat too much food and too few cooked Eggplant will appear while vitamin and mineral care, apathy, fatigue, exhaustion, indigestion, bloating, constipation, irritable, obesity, and metabolic diseases degenerative diseases (cardiac, neurological, etc.).
And if you lose control of enzymes normal multiplication of the cells in the body, so let the freeway chaotic Division and therefore the most feared disease: cancer.
  • Forecasts sound, indeed, grim … However, few of us realize the importance of preventing such misfortune. What changes should we make, at least in the diet, so as to ensure the necessary enzymes that we need?
The good news is that we can supply large consuming enzymes ‘ live food ‘. A healthy man should not give up the cooked food, but it’s imperative to have a minimum of 60% raw food diet, daily. We can do that by consuming more fruits and vegetables, raw, Ambrosia pollen, honey, wheat germ, and flaxseed cereal.
The soups we can add-when I’m ready-more raw vegetables, and salad has to be larger than the main course dish! It is also recommended not to choose one day a week to eat live food such as quality Bee Pollen raw and pasture, fresh fruits, and vegetables, freshly squeezed and eaten on the spot! If we do so, we will dispose of much more nutrients, vitamins and minerals from food, which will be reflected in our State of health and longevity! And that, in order for live food strengthens the immune system, protects us from the action of free radicals, we bring energy and power, we regulate weight and embellishing the skin, being the best cosmetic that we have at hand. Of all live foods, some are appreciated particularly for enzyme content rich: the growth of grain and seeds (wheat, barley, oats, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, flax, Sesame, sunflower, mung beans, adzuki, alfalfa, clover, radish black broccoli, etc.), raw and Ambrosia pollen honey, vegetables and fruits. If they represent 60 percent of the food that we eat daily, we have enviable health!
grain and seeds
  • Advantages of ‘ live feed ‘ have been proven by scientific studies? -There is no need! Undeniable proof that this kind of eating is healthy and in harmony with the needs of the human body is at hand …
Testimony is the world’s populations are long, who have preserved their traditional diet, based on eggplant. These people, who are living in extremely isolated places, away from the public, being thus the ‘ benefits ‘ of modern life, have exceptional health and reach incredible age, keeping the mental acuity and power, up to over 100 years. At the same time, their ability to procreation exceeds any imagination, they’re getting to be parents at the age at which many people and the earthly journey ended. An example is the suggestive inhabitants from Hunza, Pakistan.
They live in the tall Himalayan mountain, in a place of breathtaking beauty. Their food summer plant is 99%, 80% of which it’s composed of raw fruits and vegetables. Winter revel in dried fruits and seeds, raw milk and cheese. Reach the age of 120-140 frequently, don’t know the disease, and there are few fresh parents aged between 70 and 90 years old! The village of Vilcabamba from Ecuador, and he takes pride, with its residents ‘ longevity. In 1973, Dr. Alexander Leaf published in ‘ National Geographic’s photo of Miguel Carpio, a peasant in the age of 123 years old, described as a character who ‘ run all day after the women’s. Well, these people are not only particularly enduring but keeps intact mental faculties and not suffer from degenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinsonul, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, heart disease cancer times.
heart disease cancer
The secret lies, in this case, all in their natural diet: fruits (Cranberry red berries, raspberries, dude, black currant, strawberry, citrus fruits, and apples), vegetables (cabbage, pumpkins, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, potatoes), a wealth of herbs and sometimes milk. In the desert from Georgia (former Soviet Republic), more than 200 of beekeepers have over 125 years old and are very healthy! They consume daily raw honey and pollen. And the examples can go on and on … Interesting is also the experiment that made him a well-known apiterapeut from Portugal, Antonio Couto, after almost two years, when during 6 months he ate only raw pollen (250 g), a little honey and some fruit. The particularly complex composition of the untreated pollen, together with existing enzymes in it, took the body to have all the necessary nutrients, and his energy and improved immensely. In conclusion, it is important to eat as much live food, to introduce more raw foods into the daily regime.
Fruits and raw vegetables, sprouts products of bee-keeping and provides us with a wider palette of nutrients and enzymes than any other type of food, we regenerate the body, give us energy and strengthen health. It’s so easy! …
Fruits and raw vegetables
I am overjoyed that appear increasingly more young doctors from Romania that support and understand the connection between food and health and I am sure that slowly people will understand and will take action. All about Dr. Edward Howell referred to above, explains in his book the fact that humans have a limited reservoir of enzyme and when this tank is used, basically, it depletes the life out of us. Each food living has its own specific enzyme digestion and its assimilation. So they left God, all movement is perfect.
Their digestion starts in the mouth when food is chewed and the saliva-coated while the body signals are sent for training digerati and absorption. When we prepare your food even just across the thermic temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, all the enzymes are destroyed a large portion of vitamins and minerals (80%) plus 50% of the protein cam-according to studies made by the Max-Planck Institute Germany, as I mentioned in a previous article. To change to a healthy diet is not the hardest step done, the harder it is to maintain this type of eating while around you but inside you persist the old style.

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