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Excellent Tips for Covering Up your Tattoo with Makeup

by Tatiana Plesco
Excellent Tips for Covering Up your Tattoo with Makeup

Getting a tattoo is one of the bravest and boldest things that a person can do. It stays on the skin forever and once you get it inked, there is no going back.

There is something mesmerizing with finally tattoo ideas come to life. A tattoo is a form of art and self-expression, and those who have it just seem to stand out from the crowd.

However, no matter how beautiful your tattoo is, sometimes, you just have to cover it up for work or for special occasions.

So, how do you possibly cover a tattoo up? Well, surprise, surprise – you can completely cover it up with makeup! You just have to learn how to do it properly to achieve the best end results. Today, you have come to the right place, as we will teach you how to effectively cover your tattoos with makeup.

Wash the Skin

First, you have to make sure that your skin is completely clean and free of dirt and oil. Wash it with soap and water and then rinse the area with cold water. This will help close the pores, which is a must as you will be applying tons of makeup in the area.

Once all that’s done, make sure to pat it dry with a clean towel or a new piece of tissue.

Wash the Skin

Apply Some Concealer

Choose a cream or liquid based concealer. This will be easier to spread around and can cover the tattoo better.

Make sure to choose a concealer that has very high coverage, as those with only sheer coverage would not do the job. Also, choose a concealer that is at least two to three shades lighter than your skin tone.

Next, grab a makeup sponge and start dabbing the concealer into your skin. Remember to just dab and do not rub, as rubbing will move the product around, leaving your tattoo looking streaky and patchy. Just apply one layer and dab until it looks even.

Let the concealer dry for a few minutes, then follow up with the next step.

Time for Some Foundation

After the concealer has completely dried, the next step is the foundation. Again choose a high-coverage foundation such as this Dermacol Make-Up Cover or the Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation. Both have extremely high coverage and can cover your tattoos in just a matter of seconds.

Here is an important tip for you: when buying your foundation and other makeup, make sure to buy only from verified stores and sellers to avoid buying a fake one.

Again, make sure that you buy two to three shades lighter than your skin tone when it comes to the foundation. Just like with the concealer, grab a beauty sponge and apply the foundation with it directly on your skin. Remember to just dab and not rub to avoid moving the foundation around.

Make sure to apply the foundation in thin layers to avoid your makeup from caking. If you need more coverage, wait for the first layer of foundation to dry first, and then follow it up with another thin layer. Build it up one step at a time to make sure you get the coverage that you need.

Powder it Up

Now that you have your tattoo covered, it is finally time to set it. Choose a translucent powder instead of one with coverage to avoid making the makeup look cakey.

Next, grab a big, fluffy brush to apply the powder on your skin. Gently dip the brush in the powder and start dabbing it over the concealer and foundation. Again, remember to just dab and not rub the powder to make sure you don’t move the concealer and foundation around.

This step will help set the concealer and foundation in place while making the area look like skin again.

The Last Step

Hold on, we are almost done! Just grab a hairspray or a heavy duty makeup setting spray to set your tattoo makeup.

This last step will help make sure that your foundation and concealer won’t transfer to anything such as your clothes and other parts of your skin and body.

Hold it at least 10 inches away from your body and start spraying. You only want to spritz it on the area and not drench it completely. Drenching it will make it look patchy and streaky, so make sure to hold it a little far away from your arm tattoo you are trying to cover.

Covering Up your Tattoo with Makeup

Considering a Permanent Tattoo Removal

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, then you might want to consider tattoo removal. There are things to consider when getting a tattoo removal, so make sure to keep on reading to know what they are.

  1. Your skin most probably won’t go back to its original state. When you get your old tattoo removed and lasered, chances are you are going to get some type of keloid or scar.
  2. Some tattoos will still be partially visible. Remember that laser treatment when it comes to tattoos are subject to how old your tattoo is and how deep it has been inked. The older the tattoo is, the easier it is to remove it.
  3. Tell your doctor if you have any allergies, especially with tattoos, so they would know what type of laser to use.
  4. Different types of lasers can be used for different colors of tattoos.


Before getting a tattoo done, make sure that you really want it and that you are ready for it. Getting a tattoo is a lot of responsibility, so make sure to prepare for it and take care of it properly.

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Jason Hamilton has been an avid fan of tattoos for over 13 years now. He is currently 35 years old, and he got his first tattoo at the age of 22. Since then, he has added over 20 tattoos to his collection. He is also into writing, which is why he decided to celebrate both of his passion and hobby through tats ‘n’ rings. Jason dreams of having his very own tattoo parlor soon.

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