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Excellent Tips On How To Wear A Bomber Jacket

by Tatiana Plesco

Excellent Tips On How To Wear A Bomber Jacket, Styling up your bomber jacket will take you ahead of the fashionistas this season. In case you have failed to notice, then let me tell you that bomber jackets are now in fashion. Bomber jackets can be the best piece to get the sporty and off-duty trends that are now going on the streets. So if you have any plans to try out bomber jackets this season, then make sure to check out the below-mentioned tips.

  1. Style in silk

Silk bomber jackets are now the hottest trend in the fashion world. It is an awesome combination of sophistication and slouch. They are light in weight and so you can wear them during warmer months too, therefore, they are perfect for transitional dressing. So in case you are planning to style it with others, make sure to wear this lightweight garment with heavier ones. This will help you to attain the balance.

  1. Leather bomber

I think the most original form of a bomber jacket is the one with leather. You will look cool with one of such kind. You can get the attention of others simply by combining a brown bomber jacket with a white t-shirt and denim jeans. Nothing else will make you look cool.

  1. Go all sporty

If you want to look relaxed, bomber jackets are the best to give you the desired style. It will give you the right sporty look. You can even follow fashion editors worldwide to know how to style up your bomber jacket with heels and slouchy pants.

  1. Go for prints

Lately, people have been seen following the trend of print in everything. Bomber jackets was not an exception and so you could find printed bomber jackets in the market too. Try to get the cool weekend look by going for a floral or scarf prints from Marks & Spencer.

  1. Cropped style

Bomber jackets come in short size but when you give them the cropped style you will look more stylish. You can pair your cropped bomber jacket with pants and high waist skirts so as to show off your waistline.

  1. Get the feminine look

Bomber jackets most of the time come as boxy and relaxed and so tend to give a bit masculine style. You can style them up in such a way so as to get a feminine look. Try to wear it with dresses or skirt or go for bomber jackets that are in pastel or light shades. You can find a good collection of such jackets at New Look.

Bomber jackets

  1. Go masculine

If you are the kind of the person who always goes for a feminine look, try out styling in a different way. Wear your bomber jacket the masculine way. Go for a classic bomber jacket and pair it with pants that have tuxedo style and brogue shoes and chunky watches.

Styling your dress with a bomber jacket this season is all about creativity. A good collection of bomber jackets are available in the market, so if you have any plans to update your wardrobe, try to get one for yourself.

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