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Exercise Tools You Must Purchase

by Tatiana Plesco

In this modern century, people find it unable to perform exercises with the help of their hands, legs, and shoulders. They cannot avail maximum health benefits from exercises. Therefore, it becomes necessary to look for some other things that offer wonderful cardiovascular workouts. Exercise tools come out to be the best option. In comparison to 4-5 exercise tools, now we have vast exercise equipment and devices. Modern day tools offer several types of workouts and help in burning a lot of calories. These tools use the latest technology that helps in providing maximum benefits in minimum. Different exercise tools are available for different workouts. Here are some exercise tools that you must purchase for maintaining your health and fitness:

  • Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are one of the most common exercise tools. Bikes are used in gyms and homes. With this simple tool, you can avail vast health benefits. You can burn calories, maintain your blood pressure, cholesterol and enhance your cardiovascular fitness. You can also boost secretion of hormones such as endorphin, serotonin that helps in avoiding stress/anxiety and providing relaxation. Moreover, cycling on the stationary bike also offers enjoyment. You can perform some other activities such as watching T.V, listening to music while you are on the stationary bike. Stationary bikes come in different shapes and sizes. According to your budget and preference, you can purchase the particular type of stationary bike and perform exercises.

Stationary Bike

  • Treadmills

After stationary bikes, treadmills are the most common exercise equipment. By using treadmills, you can perform running and walk while staying at the same place. Earlier, treadmills were used for giving punishment to laborers in prison. Unlike other exercise machines, treadmills are not used for harnessing power. Treadmills are particularly used for providing a great type of cardiovascular workout. If you perform jogging on the treadmill at five mph for 25-30 minutes, you can burn more than 380 calories. With the help of the treadmill, you can

  1. Reduce stress/pressure in your Heart
  2. Regulate your Body Temperature
  3. Strengthen your’s lower and upper body muscles
  4. Maintain Your Cholesterol level
  5. Reduce cardiovascular heart diseases


  • Elliptical

Here is exercise equipment that offers the low-impact cardiovascular workout. Elliptical, also known as cross-trainer can be used for walking, climbing and running. In comparison to upper body muscles, lower body muscles avail more strength from elliptical. Because of the involvement of lower impact, elliptical trainer can also be used by persons with pains and injuries in their joints and ankles. In fact, physicians recommend elliptical workouts to patients who have arthritis and osteoporosis. According to your preference, you can set the intensity and perform running, walking on elliptical. Elliptical do have led displays that help in measuring burnt calories, speed and other factors that help in achieving exercise goals. People of all ages can perform exercises on elliptical and maintain their health. Nevertheless, elliptical also helps in burning calories, improving the heart rate and enhancing the functioning of digestive system.

  • Trampolines

Popularly known as children playing tools, trampolines offer fabulous types of workouts. Not only mini-trampolines but trampolines of larger size are also available in the marketplace. Therefore, everyone can select their specific trampolines and perform jumping, rebounding activities. According to professionals, trampoline activities offer more effective results than jumping. By performing rebounding or jumping on trampolines for 15-20 minutes, you can burn around 100 calories. Trampoline activities increase the gravitational pull that improves the lymphatic system, known for eliminating toxins and germs from the body. A trampoline is a wonderful tool for avoiding health problems and staying active and energetic for greater periods. Now, there are different types of trampolines for professional gymnastics and common people.


  •  Jumping Ropes

If you are looking for lightweight exercise tools, you must purchase jumping ropes. With the help of ropes, you can perform several jumps and burn vast calories. Jumping ropes can be easily taken to different places or can be stored under the bed or in the wardrobe. You just need to have large space for performing exercises with the help of jumping ropes. The best part about jumping ropes is their low-cost. Jumping ropes can easily be purchased by people with moderate budgets. And about health benefits, there are many. By performing skipping, you can strengthen your ankles, knees, legs and other lower body muscles. You can also maintain your respiratory and digestive system. Moreover, you can avail great fun and reduce anxiety and tensions by performing activities with the help of jumping ropes. Most professional boxers use jumping ropes for maintaining their overall fitness

  • Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are commonly called stability balls and fitness balls. If you think, exercise balls only help in strengthening abs; you are wrong. In fact, you can work your different body muscles by using stability balls. Several types of stretching exercises can be performed with the help of fitness balls. If you perform stretching exercises, you can straighten your spine and improve your body posture.  Through the help of stability balls, you can work your several body muscles at one particular time . Therefore, you can enhance your balance and flexibility. Additionally, stability balls can also be used for performing high-impact exercises such as push-ups. Certainly, stability balls also come at lower costs. These balls can be used in the gyms as well as the house. Select the stability balls that suit your body for acquiring the best type of health benefits.

Exercise Balls

My Verdict

Great types of Cardiovascular workouts can be performed by using exercise tools. Simply by moving your legs on the stationary bike, you can avoid high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Treadmills’ running and walking exercise help in burning vast calories and maintaining cholesterol level.  With elliptical climbing and walking, you can acquire your fitness goals such as losing weight and enhancing body shape. Trampoline’s jumping and rebounding activities help in improving the lymphatic system that kills germs, bacteria’s and infections. The low-impact skipping workout is great for strengthening knees, legs, and knees. Through the help of stability balls, you can perform stretching exercises and improve your posture. Purchase these exercise tools for maintaining/improving your cardiovascular health.

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