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Exercising During Pregnancy Boosts Kid Iq

by Tatiana Plesco

Mothers who exercise more during the perinatal period may give birth to children with higher intelligence quotients, according to psychologist Richard E. Nisbett, writer of Intelligence and How to Get It.

“Kids whose mother exercised 30 minutes a day score around 8 points higher on standard IQ tests than kids whose moms were more sedentary,” he said.

The Western medicinal profession once believed that practices after the first trimester of the perinatal period might place the fetus at risk, but new research is gradually discrediting this idea. The British government recommends that females keep on active throughout pregnancy, noting that the more active a female is, the easier it will be for her physique to adapt to the practice of pregnancy and the easier her work will be.

Running, stretching, and using light masses are among the exercises that several pregnant females can do easily.

“Exercising large muscle groups raises the growth of neurons and adds to the blood supply of the intelligence,” Nisbett writes. A female who exercises during pregnancy and also breastfeeds for at least nine months will raise her kid’s IQ an average of fourteen points, he said.

Nisbett says that the method parents interact with their kids can also help boost their IQ. He encourages parents to ask their kids questions that they already know the answer to and to give details on how they know. This helps kids develop the ability to search the answers to their questions. He also encourages the exercise of “anticipation practices,” games in which parents encourage kids to predict upcoming events, such as where a submerged animal will emerge from the H2O.

Research suggests that moms are the most important influences in their kids’ intellectual development, he said, but that dads contribute relatively little.

“The mom is the most important IQ agent here,” he said. “In families dominated by a dad, there are higher precise skills, but that’s all we contribute, I’m afraid.

Updated: 16 July 2020

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