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Fabulous Tips For How To Cure Oily Hair

by Tatiana Plesco

Oily hair is no fun, but I have tips for you on how to cure oily hair that will make it seem like a breeze. Treating oily hair is simply a matter of learning what sorts of ingredients are best for your locks, and which ones to avoid. A proper pH balance of the scalp is required to achieve hair that is not oily and also required for those who have dry hair problems. To find a happy medium, check out these great tips for how to cure oily hair. Most of them you can even discover in your home now!


This cure takes a little longer than the others, but it does the trick! Take 2 teaspoons of pure honey and add an egg yolk. Mix well and allow it to melt for 30 minutes, then use the mixture to your hair and let sit for 20 minutes. Make sure to rinse and raise your locks well to get all of the mixtures out. Repeat this two times a week, if you can, to get rid of oily hair.

  • TEA

Tea isn’t just something warm and yummy to use, it can help a lot with oily hair as well! Tea has an element known as the tannic acid that will help in decreasing the oil in your hair. Just boil tea leaves or tea powder in a glass of H2O and, when it is warm but not hot, apply the combination to your scalp and leave it for 5 minutes. After, just wash your hair and wash with shampoo to remove all of the tea.


Sounds icky right? Well, it works! It helps to condition your locks and to remove excess oils and is has been an age old home remedy to cure excess oil in hair. All you have to do is take two egg yolks and beat it them together, then add a few drops of lemon liquid and mix well once again. Just use this on wet hair and leave it to sit for 5 minutes. When you wash, make sure that there is no residue left behind! If you apply this treatment two to three times a week, you should begin to see perfection.


Speaking of shampoos and conditioners is careful what you purchase here! Don’t purchase shampoos with added oils, such as argan oil which is great for dry locks. Instead, purchase ones specifically tailored for oily hair and don’t go a day without washing your locks. Those with oily hair should be washing locks daily. Avoid products with silicone which can induce oily locks because they produce build-up and stop thorough cleansing.

oily hair


Mix one tablespoon of aloe vera with your shampoo and clean, gently massaging your scalp with your fingers. Aloe vera works to detoxify the scalp of scams and provides a gentle, healing approach to washing the scalp instead of a chemical-based one.


Life is stressful, and when you become pressure, your hormones are in overdrive. Guess what? This means your hormones that affect your locks follicles are also in overdrive. This creates oily locks over time by over production of good glands. Stress less with gentle but effective forms of workout such as yoga, Pilates or walking. The less you stress the better. Reduce as much as you can in micro-minutes during the day. Just 5 minutes on your lunch break, and 10 minutes after you get home can truly make a difference.


You required conditioning your hair. Then, it will become so dry that your oil glands may go into overdrive. Then, you’ll have both oily locks and dandruff, which is definitely not the best thing. Use a dandruff shampoo and conditioner, and only condition the last 1/2 length of your locks. This will keep conditioner off the scalp and nourish your locks so dryness doesn’t occur.


Believe it or not, what makes you looks oily is your hormone glands. Don’t think that it is just about your locks when it comes to having oily hair. What you put in your mouth nonstop affects your hormonal glands, including the ones that cause the locks on your scalp. If you reach for processed body fat in sugar, they may be causing your locks to be oily. Take fresh foods and healthy fats whenever possible. Select lean, clean protein and less sugar from all sources. Your hormones will stability out and keep your oil glands working how they should be.

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