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Face Mapping Let Your Face Reveal Your Inner Problems

by Tatiana Plesco
Face Mapping

Eyes are a window into the soul, but inner turmoil can show elsewhere in the physique, too. Face mapping is a theory derived from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine which interprets skin issues such as rashes, acne, and discolorations targeting specific areas of the physiognomy as signs of health issues lurking below the skin. Chronic breakouts in one particular area of the face can be a symptom of internal organ glitches, so if you want to clear up your complexion for good, you should address the deeper problem and not just its outward manifestation. Here’s a brief face mapping guide to help you identify hidden problems behind recurrent acne breakouts.

  • Spotty forehead-scape: Bladder trouble

In Ayurveda, the forehead is the abode of the Vata dosha, a blend of elements that governs the nervous system and digestion. Recurring breakouts restricted to the forehead are hence usually interpreted as a symptom of improper diet, bladder glitches, toxic buildup in the liver, and high-stress levels. To efficiently oust forehead zits, include raw veggies and fruit, plenty of water, and probiotics in your everyday menu, limit intake of heavily processed foods and alcohol, and take up meditation or yoga to manage daily stress.

Spotty forehead-scape Bladder trouble

  • Acne in the eyebrow arch: Liver problems

Persistent acne breakouts in between and above the eyebrows can be a sign of excess toxins in the body, kidney problems, and/or repressed emotions. Bottled-up anger, anxiety, and stress often manifest themselves as zits on the right side of the eyebrow line, whereas pimples on the left side usually point to negative emotional build up in the spleen. To eliminate acne between and above the eyebrows, use acne treatment creams and tonics containing natural ingredients and reduce your meat and dairy intake. Also, drink more water to promote toxin flushing, cut down on cigarettes, salt, caffeine, and alcohol, swap sugary and fatty foods for fresh produce, meditate and work out regularly, and spend more time in the fresh air.

  • The nasty nose zits: Heart and blood issues

In Ayurvedic medicine, the nose is linked to the blood system and heart health. Zits spawned across your sniffer are therefore seen as signs of high blood pressure, bad circulation, or even heart problems. Clear up a spotty nose by incorporating regular workouts in your weekly agenda and increasing intake of detoxifying foods such as garlic, cayenne peppers, and reishi mushrooms. You should also go easy on tobacco, caffeine, and spirits and enrich your carte du jour with ingredients high in essential amino acids.

The nasty nose zits

  • Cheeky cheek pimples: Lung lumber

Cheeks are controlled by the Pitta dosha, a blend of water and fire energies which govern the metabolism and transformation cycles in the body. Cheek breakouts can indicate to lung stress caused by air pollution, asthma, or binge-smoking, but they can also be a symptom of metabolic issues. To prevent and remedy cheek zits, stock your plate with green tea and verdant veggies (kale, cucumber, broccoli, and other leafy greens), exercise regularly to encourage detoxication, and spice up your menu with foods high in iron and folic acid.

  • Less than kissable lips: Digestive malfunction

The lower lip is linked to the small intestine, and recurring pimples and dark spots in the area are symptomatic of indigestion, intestinal parasites, and lack of enzymatic balance in the gut. Make your lips a magnet for kisses: add probiotics to your meal plan, and avoid touching them often. If your lips are often pale, however, it may be a sign of anemia, so season your plate with iron-rich foods to restore the rosy lip sheen.

  • Zitty chin, jaw, and neck: Hormonal havoc

Chin, jaw, and neckline reign, and chronic spots in the area are usually a telltale sign of hormonal imbalance and stress. Banish blemishes from the lower part of the face by extra hours of sleep, meditation and/or sun-gazing sessions, regular exercise, and reduced dairy and meat intake in favor of fresh produce.

Grab a mirror and map those awful spots: you may be surprised just how much you can find out about your physical and emotional health by a quick glance at your face. Off with zits, in with radiance! You’re welcome.

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