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Fashion As A Standard Of Living

by Tatiana Plesco

From the clothes we wear to the type of music we listen to, personal style serves as a reflection of oneself. It is an undeniable form of expression that can be conveyed and articulated both naturally and effortlessly. Each and every person has his or her own personal sense of style that gives those around him or her an idea of who or what he or she is and represents. Style, allows a person to take something he or she finds beautiful and turn it into something unique.

One way in which a person can illustrate his/her style is through fashion. In its most basic definition, fashion refers to a prevailing style that is worn during a particular time or period in one’s life. Fashion designers work to create wearable art through the combination of different patterns, fab eras in art, music, and literature. One of the primary eras that were dedicated rich all over Europe. The Renaissance Era focused on the significance and colors. The history of fashion has played a huge role not only in the world of art but in global culture and history as well.

Fashion tends to change simultaneously with the different eras in culture. One of the earliest eras that were dedicated to the art of fashion is known as the Renaissance Era, which took place from about 1450-600 all over Europe. The Renaissance Era focused on the importance of living a meaningful and rich life. In this time period, dress served as a position symbol. The more elaborate and complex garments were, the more affluent a person appeared to be to clothes were, the wealthier a person appeared to be to society. This notion continues in today’s culture but in somewhat of a different way. Social status today, can be determined through the name brand in which you are wearing and if one is keeping up with the latest trends.

For others, fashion can be awfully personal, shadowing his/her religious cultures and cultures and beliefs. For numerous certain garments and colors signify beliefs. For many certain garments and colors represent a much higher meaning than what seems to the eye. In Indian culture, the females most sari garment, which is typically created out of a silk fabric. Usually dress in a sari garment, which is usually created out of a silk fabric. The sari is a timeless piece that can be wrapped around any female regardless of her figure or height. As part of the Hindu culture, saris allow the females to stay cool and comfortable during the hot months.

On a psychological level, fashion can affect the way one feels about him or herself. Fashion can boost one’s confidence at times and even change one’s opinion about the world around them. World famous designer Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that is present in dresses only. Style, is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

In conclusion, fashion is not only about looking a cue lifestyle for many. For some, fashion can hold a much deeper tan way; rather it is a lifestyle for many. For some, fashion can hold a much deeper meaning but almost always serves as a form of expression, whether you realize it or not. It can be used without words but with a visual image. Fashion will continue to surround our lives on a daily basis, being used as one of the most basic art forms for many years to come.

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