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Fashion Consultants 2016

by Tatiana Plesco
Fashion consultants

Fashion means different things to not the same people. For the always-in-the-news celebrity, fashion might be a declaration of personal style. For the party hopping teenage, it could be an affirmation of peer bonding and unconventionality. For the conference-hungry business decision-making, it could be the passport to career improvement.

Humans have been concerned about being respectable since the days of yore. Even in tribal societies, decorations are myriad and there are accessories with immense detailing and accompaniments. Festive occasions offer perfect settings for showcasing great design ideas. Modern style industry has grown from rapid industrial development and the consequent globalization of design trends. Today style is not just about good clothes. It encompasses the whole spectrum of a way of life and image management facilities. Fashion consultants are highly sought after experts.

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What do fashion consultants do? Whether you like better a personal consultant or you approach an organization, the main job of the fashion consultant is to advise about the most optimal selections in matters of fashion. He or she has close discussions on the subject of your physical and temperamental attributes, workplace necessities, a way of life and personal management regimen. It cannot be a mechanical one-stop result for all. Each client is unique and the professional knows it quite well. Fashion solutions or image renovations are designed after careful deliberation. Clothes are a significant item in which the fashion consultant gives advice about building a wardrobe in tune with the character of the client. Other items of personal beautification like accessories, footwear, and jewelry are also contained within. Makeup and hairstyle change according to the specific necessities of each occasion. Besides, these are also devised according to the beauty treatment features of the client. The ultimate objective is to accentuate one’s better features and camouflage the lacks. In these days of living below high voltage media coverage, fashion does not stop with dressing up alone. It spreads to the social graces or good manners and the art of handling the public interactions. Fashion consultants on a regular basis advise on how to handle press and television interviews. Besides achieving the right ‘look’ for the television interaction, they also help with voice inflection, pronunciation, intonation etc.

What are the qualities of a good fashion consultant? Most importantly is, of course, a thorough knowledge of fashion styles and the ability to apply the right principles for a specific customer. In that sense, he or she should be completely aware of the client’s limitations. Apart from technical knowledge, there are numerous desirable personality traits that fashion consultants should have. They should be good communicators. They should be patient listeners and communicative speakers. They should be able to clarify why a particular solution would or would not suit the customer. They should have a fine temperament, particularly with clients who differ from their point of view. Finally, they should be persons of extreme ethical and fiscal integrity. Because they grip the most intimate details of their customers, as a rule, they should keep up the utmost confidence.

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