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Fashion Trends: Party like a True Celebrity

by Tatiana Plesco
Fashion Trends

Even though it sounds almost impossible, partying as a true celebrity has never been easier. All you have to do is to keep on reading, as we have four magnificent outfit ideas for you. Check them out and transform into a real fashion icon this season!

Pink latex dress à la Kylie Jenner – only for the bravest of party girls

Pink latex dress à la Kylie Jenner

If you’re a lady who loves keeping up with the Kardashian-Jenner clan, we’re sure that you’re already familiar with the latest collection Kylie came up with in collaboration with her best friend, Jordyn Woods. However, the young mom’s outfit is what stole the show at the party a couple of days ago, as she was rocking a super tight latex mini dress that emphasized her curves in the best possible way and instantly swept everyone off their feet. Do we have to mention that the dress was pink and that it flawlessly matched Jenner’s hair? So, if you think that you can pull off such a look yourself, invest in a quality PVC dress that hugs your attributes and feel like a party queen in the blink of an eye!

Chrissy Teigen’s vintage outfit for a classic, elegant look

Chrissy Teigen’s vintage outfit for a classic

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of more sophisticated yet effective looks, we reckon that you’ll absolutely adore Chrissy Teigen’s classy outfit featuring a pair of high-waist pants and a sheer lace teal top with a matching bra. Even though this may seem quite revealing, the truth is that such a combo will inevitably add a touch of elegance and class to your party outfit. So, if this is your go-to choice, be sure to find a pair of black high-waist pants that fit your body shape – tailored ones are probably the best choice, especially if you have an important party coming up and you want your outfit to be as flawless as possible. Chrissy rocked baggy pants, but you can always switch to a skinnier version if that’s your cup of tea. As for the lace top, you can make it more wearable by wearing a bralette underneath because that will offer a bit more coverage. When that’s done, just slip into your favorite black pumps, grab a stylish clutch, and you’re good to go!

Chanel Iman’s mummy as the ultimate Halloween costume

Chanel Iman’s mummy

As Halloween slowly approaches, we’re sure that you’ve already started thinking about your perfect party outfit. Well, we highly recommend going a bit crazy with it this year, simply because Halloween is the perfect time to express your creativity and bewilder with your outfit choices. Let’s take Chanel Iman’s mummy outfit she rocked at Heidi Klum’s traditional Halloween party a couple of years ago. Yes, we agree that this is a quite simple look to pull off, but it’s definitely a sexy one, too! Iman was rocking a plain sleeveless crop top and a tight miniskirt matched with a pair of thigh-high boots and a high ponytail. What makes this outfit so special is the fact that she was head-to-toe wrapped into strips of greyish cloth, which flawlessly depicted a mummy. If you want to add a little twist to your Halloween outfit, don’t forget to rock some crazy contacts and you’ll nail the look like a true lady boss!

Sienna Miller rocking a full-on sequin dress? Why not!

Sienna Miller rocking a full-on sequin dress

Everyone knows that Sienna Miller is the boho queen in the world of fashion, but you can expect her to often change things up and wear something completely different. Miller’s party style game definitely scores really high, especially when she steps out of her comfort zone and gives a full-on sequin dress a try. We can all agree that sequins will never go out of style, and this girl has realized that as well – a strapless gold dress she wore to the annual Met Gala recently is a true symbol of class and elegance every girl should strive for. Such a dress certainly speaks for itself, so complement it with a messy updo, a pair of black stilettos, and a matching clutch.

As you can see, partying like a true celebrity doesn’t have to be as challenging as you probably thought. All you have to do is to stick to our tips and follow your personal style, and you’ll do a great job!

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