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Fasting With Water. Find Out What Happens to Your Body

by Tatiana Plesco
fasting with water
Body-through each cell, tissue, and organ — need water to live and work. Water offers a kind of therapy for health, besides the fact that it sustains life. It has an important impact on the processes in the body and maintains it’s health.
When your main drink is water, many wonderful things can happen. Not everyone can take a cure, but this can only have positive consequences. Here’s what happens if you drink only water for 30 days, without having to change anything else in eating or in physical activity.
  • Enhances creativity and physical performance

When you drink only water for 30 days, the brain reacts more quickly, according to the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Journal. The brain needs lots of oxygen in order to function effectively, and the water is one of the best sources, stimulating positive cerebral activity.
It helps you focus and concentrate more clearly. It also will make you be more agile, smarter and quicker thinking.  Consumption of 8-10 cups of water a day you can improve cognitive performance by 30%.
creativity water

You will get older more slowly than others your age the water slows down the process of cellular aging and leaves skin hydrated. Water nourishes the skin leaving it healthy, soft, bright, young and with fewer wrinkles. Maintains water and muscle tone. To take advantage of all these benefits, you need to drink clean water.  In an article published in the Daily Mail, a 42-year-old mother was able to look 10 years younger in 30 days, consuming only water. She began to drink three liters of water a day to get rid of headaches and problems with digestion. After just one month ago, was amazed by the results. Both of his problems were solved and cured completely the effects of chronic dehydration.

  • You can improve your immunity 

A Slovak proverb says that “water is the most precious medicine of the world”.
water improve immunity
And there is no exaggeration! The water acts as a catalyst for the optimal renewal of body functions. Water Consumption in sufficient quantities supports the activity of the liver and kidneys. These organs remove the toxic residues and salt from the blood.
Use enough water to neutralize the pH level, strengthens the immunity preventing the formation of kidney stones or development of disease or pain (pain in the head or in the body).
  • You will have a stronger heart 

Water strengthens the heart. May reduce the risk of a heart attack while preventing thickening of the blood and reducing blood pressure.
A glass of water an hour before bedtime prevents a stroke or a heart attack. Water helps the heart to push oxygenated blood towards organs.
The American Journal of Epidemiology published a study carried out for six years where it has been found that people who drank more than five glasses of water a day had a 41% higher risk of dying of heart attack than those who drank under two cups of water a day.
  • You will strengthen your bones

The water that renews the cartilage absorbs juices so that the wrists can move more easily, avoiding the deterioration of the joints caused by pressure. The evidence shows that adequate water intake improves the flexibility of joints.
 water for strong bones
  • You will lose body fat

When you drink only water for 30 days, the body removes harmful toxins and debris accumulated in vital organs. The body cleans and belly fat is reduced.
At first, the accumulation of kilograms could cause a concern if the body retains water before you adjust to the bigger quantities of drinking water. Even so, with the increased appetite for the beginning, water will be helpful.  Soon you will all consume fewer calories, you will lose weight and maintain because water cleanses your body and reduces the feeling of hunger.
Andrea n. Giancoli, a specialist in health care, spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, declares that the 1-2 drinking glasses of water before meals can make you feel full longer, so you eat less naturally. Drinking water at regular intervals helps you maintain your desired weight.
  • Your metabolism will be accelerated.

Studies show that increased consumption of water throughout the day stimulates metabolism, regardless of the type of food. Consumption of 500 ml of water in the morning on an empty stomach will speed up your metabolism by up to 24 percent, according to Health Fitness Revolution.
boost your metabolism with water
To fast with water is necessary for a thorough preparation, both prior and mental physics because it’s not easy. It is recommended to gradually give up food, fast food or incentives such as carbonated drinks, chocolate, coffee, and tobacco. It is recommended to start with one day a week, increasing progressively, depending on the possibilities of the body, the period of fasting with water.

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