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Do You Feel Cold All The Time? Ask Yourself Why

by Tatiana Plesco
Feel Cold

Are you one of those individuals who is always cold? You always need a sweater, even though the rest of the world is wearing a t-shirt? Maybe you’re more sensitive to cold weather-or maybe there are medical reasons for that is unusually cold. Here are some of the most common reasons for feeling cold.

  • 1. A low body weight seems quite logical:

low body weight seems quite logical

As you have less fat, so you’re less protected from the cold. It’s perfectly true! The thinner you are, the more your body loses more heat. People with low muscle mass are felt colder because muscles provide more protection for heat than fat.

  • 2. Medications

There sure are medications that can give you the sensation of cold. In particular, beta inhabitants, used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, can give you a bigger sensation of cold. Cold hands and feet are often side effects of using this category of drugs. If you take a medicine from this category and it affects your life quality, consult your doctor.

  • 3. Anemia

Feeling cold can also be a symptom of anemia. Anemic people do not produce enough red blood cells. Often, it is because you do not get enough iron from food, but also anemia has other causes. If you feel that your uncommon cold and you have other symptoms of anemia, weakness, pale skin, you feel like you can’t breathe and you have dizziness, consult your doctor.

  • 4. Diabetes


Diabetes can sometimes numb hands and feet. Some people may manifest the diabetic nephropathy, damage to the kidneys. This occurs due to the fact that people with diabetes can’t keep under control the level of glucose in the blood. Doctors are still not very sure why some patients develop these symptoms, while others do not. One of the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy? The sensation of cold. It is advisable to consult your doctor if you are diabetic and you feeling cold, permanently.

  • 5. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism, or hypoactive thyroid gland, can be a cause of constant sensation of cold. Consult your doctor regarding your symptoms and make your test for hypothyroidism.

  • 6. Problems with the hypothalamus

Hypothalamus is a gland that regulates the temperature receptors of the body, so it is obvious that any problem you have at the level of the hypothalamus influences and how warm or cold you are. This gland dysfunction can be triggered by a number of problems-from anorexia until cranial trauma-but usually can be treated. Of course, if you have a reason for concern, it is better to consult your doctor.

Problems with the hypothalamus

  • 7. Fungal infection

Candida is responsible for the most common fungal infections-vaginal infections, nail Mycosis, and thrush. One of the symptoms of candidiasis is feeling uncontrollably cold. And back to the problems with the hypothalamus.

  • 8. Stress and anxiety

Beats stress and depression

Stress can manifest itself through a wide variety of symptoms-including sensitivity to cold. People suffering from anxiety feel cold because they are generally more sensitive to physical sensations, and the body panics a lot faster when he feels the cold.

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