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Feeling of Lacking Attracts Unhappiness-Gratitude Equal Abundance

by Tatiana Plesco
Feeling of Lacking Attracts Unhappiness
The feeling that you haven’t quite enough is easily achieved in a society governed by consumer ads and appearances. As a rule, the feeling of failure is associated with a sense of lack. Insufficiency and lack attract the feeling of disappointment, and, therefore you easily create the exaggerated feeling of lack. We have never enough when we feel like we are missing something. If we think that we need more money to pay the Bills, we’ll always have little money. If you appreciate the opportunities that life offers and take advantage of them,  then, they will continue to appear, will open new doors and will dispel the worries and needs.
happiest people are those who feel that they lack nothing
That’s why the happiest people are those who feel that they lack nothing, even though socially they are not considered wealthy. Happy people feel grateful for what they are, what they have become, for what you have, and follow your goals with perseverance and discretion. When you live life with gratitude, every moment and every step is full of abundance. Appreciating the little things in life-nature and relationships with those around us removes the need to accumulate objects that we fill the void inside.
The feeling of failure will generate more, more goals and more frustration. As we feel more like we need something, we have the feeling that we lack and deep feeling that we don’t have what we think we need, whether it is something constructive or destructive.
  •   Filtering the messages which feed the gap inside 

Almost the entire Western society is bombarded with advertisements and posters that create a false feeling of lack: you need this product, you need this cheeseburger, you need this car, you need this medicine. We eat, we use these things and the enthusiasm is destroyed, feeling that we need more such objects. You must learn to filter these messages and to secure the minds of those thoughts which are only will awake feelings of need and selfishness.
Sustainable peace and happiness come from an appreciation for those things we can’t buy -those things that cannot be stored physically and don’t poison us. Abundance comes from efforts to build us a character we know and love ourselves, to help others to succeed, to enjoy those experiences that destroy the feeling of failure. Abundance comes when we connect to the superior power and follow a spiritual journey with faith, during which we change from within.
  •  The journey doesn’t take place in the physical world.

Usually, the things that we believe we need are eventually consumed, thrown, broken or obsolete. Things that make us feel fulfilled are old memories full of nostalgia, music that you keep in your memory because we cannot take anything with us when we separate from this material body.
  •  The soul, however, will continue to live.

Regarding things from this perspective, we do not worry about money. Money is just a tool, a unit with energy that comes and goes. Instead of focusing on the money that we don’t have let us better think of the good things that we can do in this world-starting with the inside us, from us-things that go beyond us and above us. It is important to not feel that we need something, but as we appreciate everything we have and what we will have in the future. You must learn to smile and trust, discovering step by step what this trip will offer you. We have a whole life in front of us, and we can be enlightened by the revelations received along with that belief and go forward.
The soul, however, will continue to live.
  • Do you want to be happy? Be grateful! 

How can we achieve this? Through a very simple method. It’s so simple that it is found in something that we were told when we were kids to learn to cross the street. Stop. Look. Keep going. That is all. But how often do WE stop? Run through life. We do not stop.  We need to insert bookmarks of stop signs in our lives.

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