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Feng Shui Beauty Philosophy To A Perfect Skin

by Tatiana Plesco
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Whenever we’ve come in contact with Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway, Fung Shui or feed way), we’ve mostly had it related to the art of achieving harmony between the outer and inner elements to invite balance, happiness, and good luck. And while architecture and decor are where Feng Shui is at its most efficient, little did we know that its philosophy can also be applied to our beauty and hygiene to attract great fortune.

Eastern masters of the face believed that the shape of a person’s face, size, and placement of facial “mountains and rivers” carry information and predictions about their character and life’s fortune. What’s beautiful about this concept is that you can easily invite good fortune into your life by highlighting your lucky facial features and correcting the “imbalanced” aspects. That way, you’d be boosting the positive chi energy and inviting good vibes into your life.

Here’s how.

  • Embrace cleansing

Just as (de)cluttered spaces have an impact on the flow of chi in your life so does the state of your skin; according to Feng Shui principles, depending on how clear and smooth your face is there’ll be a direct correlation to how smoothly your life runs.

Feng Shui states that, if you suffer from blemishes, your life will run into blocks and obstacles. However, a good facial cleansing program may change the state of things and bring you better fortune. Make it a must beauty routine. We love Coconut Oil Face Cleanser as it’s natural, you can make it yourself, and it’s giving your skin a wonderful glow afterward.

  • Follow Feng Shui lips rules

Even though Feng Shui loves a balanced face, not everyone’s born with ideal facial features. Still, makeup can be used to correct an imbalance and achieve facial harmony through careful application of products.

The lips are an important facial feature; they should be full but never overly large, and they should be in proportion to your other facial features.

With the use of lip liners you can create the illusion of fullness; however, any form of overdrawing (too much) isn’t recommended. The lip liner color should be blended into the lip color for a smooth color transition that is natural. Feng Shui loves products that come from nature, so choosing brands that are in alignment with that is the perfect way to go. Our choice always falls down to Clarins makeup, no exception.

  • Mind your eyebrows

Following Feng Shui principles, eyebrows are viewed as protectors; they will keep you safe from being physically or emotionally hurt as well as from being scammed.

Even though Feng Shui advises against grooming of any type, modern age doesn’t really allow such extravagance. So, the rules are a bit adjusted, and here are the eyebrow guidelines to follow:

  1. The eyebrows should be shaped with a slight arch and should never be left straight
  2. Eyebrows darker than the hair are encouraged and auspicious
  3. Bushy (thick) eyebrows are fortunate
  4. Eyebrows should be thicker inside and gradually become thinner to the outer tip
  • Give your cheeks some glow

Prominent cheekbones are a facial feature considered to be good fortune, according to Feng Shui. To enhance them, make them radiant and glowing with brush strokes upwards and use colors that suggest freshness like pink, peach or light beige. The cheeks should radiate a healthy glow to invite good fortune. We are in favor of D&G Apricot color for almost all skin tones.

  • Don’t wear bangs

The forehead is another lucky feature in Feng Shui and therefore it shouldn’t be covered. In fact, the forehead is a potential magnet for attracting good luck. That being the case, make sure it isn’t obscured or covered with hair as if it is – your luck may suddenly become blocked. Also, mind your forehead hygiene so there are no blemishes and pimples blocking good fortune. There are plenty of amazing hairstyles that don’t include bangs, so see what fits you best.

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