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Fight The Fade: Bright Colors To Easy Decorate Your House This Summer

by Tatiana Plesco
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Bright color has the power to instantly glam up the look of your house and are a great way to decorate your house during summer. Make traditional spaces more colorful and you will be surprised at the outcome. Listed below are some great color choices to fight the fade and to create a maximum positive impact on your home.

  • Pink:

This is no doubt a girl color and is the best way to give a room a feminine appeal. Flirty pink is ideal for a girl’s bedroom and you could do up the room with varying shades of floral fabric and couple it with other interesting hues like pastel shades or purple to improve the charm.

  • Bright red:

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This being a bold and strong hue, the best place to use this color would be at your entry space, so that it will set a tone for the remaining look of your home. It has a unique charm which will make visitors want to see the rest of the colors in your home as well as the great interior design strategies. A cheerful red is a happy color and is very welcoming to guests.

  • Yellow:

This sunny color is perfect for the summer season. This happy and bright color can definitely make your rooms looks cheerful and bring the sunshine in! Mix and match this bright hue with a soft neutral shade like gray or white to make the yellow color pop in all its glory.

  • Lime green:

This hue is so refreshing and natural that it instantly gives a good feel to the room. Lime green is part of so many good things in our life, that you can highlight the shade by adding an object with a lime green color in the backdrop of the room. Use small accessories of lime green color to get the total refreshing look.

  • Sky blue:

This color is a hot trend nowadays for its soothing effect. It has a serene and calm feel to it that makes it ideal for rooms which you use for relaxing. This shade is even great for furniture upholsteries, drapery panels and even for room accessories. It is an ideal hue for your bedroom; since it will help you unwind to the maximum.

  • Navy blue:

It is a neutral shade that is in vogue now. It does not overpower the overall look of the room, but it can definitely make a strong statement. Pair navy blue with bright colors like a red or pink, to create masterpiece looks. Use interesting designs and striped patterns on accessories to do up the look.

  • Brilliant coral:

It is one of the most vibrant hues of the sea and has its rustic charm. Use it on a pillow or a throw or even go for a striped ceiling in that shade.

  • Orange:

A total summer color, this shade is ideal to make a statement with painted side tables, sideboards etc.

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