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Find the Right Makeup To Suit You in Your Twenties

by Tatiana Plesco
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Make-up is a big part of any woman’s life and as we get older, our makeup needs change. Whilst many women do not even realize this, our makeup habits should change as we get older, and what looked right in our teens does not tend to look right whilst we are in our twenties. So, just what styles should we go for then?

  • Keeping It Natural!

Fortunately make-up in your twenties is really not that hard to get to grips with. The only real difference between your skin in your twenties compared to in your teens, is that fine lines do tend to start to appear. This means that an eye cream may need to be used in order to help protect the areas as well as to help eye make-up to glide on a lot easier. A good moisturizer should also be used in order to prepare the base for the foundation. If you do not moisturize the skin, it is possible for the make-up to be applied unevenly and it will not look smooth and natural.

right makeup

The most important thing to bear in mind is that when you are thinking about how to do your make-up once you are in your twenties, you have to keep it natural. When you were a teenager you could get away with wearing bright blue, sparkly eyeshadow. However, now you are in your twenties you are going to need to tone it down a little in order to look your age!

So now you know what is expected from your new makeup look, just how do you go about getting it?

  • The Hints and Tips of the Trade

If you are wondering exactly how to keep things natural, here are a few tips which will hopefully help you:

  • Keeping Foundation To A Minimum

Foundation is quite often over-used due to the fact that many women think that the way to apply it is to simply wipe it all over the face. Whilst this may be the easiest method, it is by far the most incorrect way of applying foundation, and most women really do not need to cover their whole faces with the stuff!

As a rule, you should only use foundation where you need it. If you have patches of really nice, clear skin, why cover it up? Only put the foundation on where it is needed. For example, do you have any imperfections such as dark circles under the eyes and perhaps an oily T-Zone? If so, spend your time and energy trying to cover those up with a good foundation, and instead of wiping it on, use a cotton pad and pat the foundation on. This not only helps to give an even look, but it also helps the foundation to stay on a lot longer. Less really is more when it comes to foundation!

  • Calm Those Smouldering Eyes!

Another cosmetic product which is often abused is the eyeliner. Whilst bold, smoky eyes may be quite alluring, often women tend to overdo it and they simply end up looking more like a panda than a sexy, confident woman! So how exactly should you wear your eyeliner then? Well, once again less is definitely more!

Smouldering Eyes

When you are applying the eyeliner you really need to make sure that it is as close to the eyelashes as possible. The line should not be visible and it should smoothly blend down into the eyelashes. This creates a bolder look without going over the top.

  • Don’t Doll Yourself Up As If You Are For The Circus!

Finally, the last tip that you really have to know is to do with blusher. The blusher is by far the worst used makeup product on the market today. It is baffling that many women do not know when enough is enough. Too much blusher is certainly not a good look and often so many women end up looking like a clown instead of looking sexy!

The secret with blusher is to use a good blusher brush, dip it into the blusher and then tap the brush gently to release any loose powder. This stops you from applying too much too soon and you can always put more on if needed. Next, sweep the blusher brush from the apple of your cheek (or the most fleshy bit to make it simpler) and sweep the brush across towards the hairline. This is the best way to ensure that you end up with a nice, even, glowing look.

So overall the rule to stick to when you are doing your make-up in your twenties is – less is more! The natural look really is so much nicer than the clown look so follow the tips above and you shouldn’t go far wrong!

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Updated on 10-08-2020

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