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Finding value in EV space. Xiaopeng Motors(Xpev) stand out.

by Tatiana Plesco
xpev p7

Not so often, we have an opportunity to invest our money in future growth company which already have plenty of sales and growing fast. I think Tesla should be scared.

Xiaopeng Motors Chinese Ev car maker recently added SEDAN p7(attractive price for car buyers from $32,450 to $49,400 ) and electric scooters to their portfolio. But the biggest kicker, as usual, is the price per share. On January 1/22/2021. Xpev traded at 56.39, and on 3/05/2021, we hit 25.27 per share. This, not a standard range drop for a reliable company in such a short time, and this presents a massive opportunity for long-time investors into the clean energy space. Technical charts extremely bearish its worth following the industry’s news this long term buy with %99 percent success rate.

Here is the picture of recent hedge fund activity on the stock.

Top 20 Shareholders of XPEV

Yes, all EV sectors got punished in the gut since Tesla pullback from its stratospheric heights. Please don’t forget Tesla did a 1 to 5 reverse split, and today’s price should still be 600 times 5; it’s 3k per share. Ellon tweeted a couple of years ago once Tesla hit 800 per share before the split that Tesla went too fast and too high. Who cares(typical USA investor brain) stock quadrupled from there. I love Tesla, and we love Ellon Musk’s brain, but my logic cannot buy Tesla at these prices. This why Tesla enters the crypto space(bitcoin) to save revenue. Even after this recent decline, even I am sure it will bounce, but too much competition will hurt Tesla.

Xpeng companies value play comes in. By the year 2030, China is planning to go primarily electrical. All world will follow, but the USA and Europe have no chance to compete. With the recent 5g push, EV cars get a considerable advantage.

1. Xpeng was backed by (not by Bill Gates or doctor Fauci)Xpeng is backed by Alibaba Group Holding (NASDAQ: BABA), which boosted its stake in the company to 19% September, as it came public. And you don’t fight sleeping dragons if you cannot beat them; you join them.

2. Xpeng got so cheap before earning 03/08/2020. Looking at peers Tesla, Nio, LI, or CCIV(0 cars made), even all of them mostly buy now again. Xpeng, in my opinion, the most underlooked underdog since it lost the most value. I don’t want to talk about spack investors like Cciv with 0 cars spack can hit 64 per share or Fisker(FSR)

3. With a recent car shipment into Norway, Xpeng beat Nio and put their feet into Europe first. Xiaopeng Motors, also know as XMotors.ai. They are looking to expand into Europe more.

4. I don’t see anything wrong with delivery numbers slow down in February due to Chinese heavy holiday days. The last year 2020 February, was also slow. But March deliveries pick right up, and all year was fine.

5. Xpeng has received 500 million yuan (close to US$77million) from Guangdong provincial government to boost its expansion amid Beijing’s push to accelerate the use of electric vehicles.

6.The XPeng P7 fleet, which drove over 3,600+ km from Guangzhou to Beijing with 2,930 km highway driving under the control of the NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot), achieved an average of 0.71 human driver interventions per 100 km, setting a new benchmark for long-distance autonomous driving by a mass-production passenger.

7. Latest Xpeng P5 is the world’s first mass-produced smart EV equipped with automotive-grade LiDAR technology, powered by companies’ full-stack in-house developed autonomous driving system XPILOT.

xpev flying car

8.The electric automaker revealed at the Beijing Auto Show the first in a series of electric flying vehicle prototypes. With eight propellers and a capsule-like frame, the flying machine resembles a human-carrying drone more than a flying car.

Let’s be realistic here in November 2020; Xpev hit above 70 dollars a share, and now four months later, we back at the 28 dollars range. Meanwhile, the company continues to mature and produce cars at higher rates than before. Still, a price drop comes in EV space due to stratospheric evaluations on Tesla and CCIV and the rest of the spack dinosaurs with 0 revenue and no cars yet.
This 200 dollars stock by 2025 if we leave the politics aside and let the company innovate.
Bubblenomicks is a financial section created to find value in bubble assets in world markets overall. All info presented here not investment advice but for educational purposes only. Please use critical thinking, do not follow blindly.

Updated on4/28/2020

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