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First-Time Fitness: 5 Pro Tips For Beginners

by Tatiana Plesco

As we have reached the midpoint of 2016, the time has come for some people to resolve their resolution of getting healthy or losing weight. While starting any exercising program, you must pace yourself and avoid any kind of risk and injury by overexerting yourself, especially if it has been a while since you have worked out.

Many people want to stay healthy and fit, but they lack the knowledge of how to do it. So, to prevent such a lack of information, you can check out some of the tricks and tips that can assist you in getting started on the journey of leading a healthy life.

  • Start Slow

Try to make sure to avoid doing things fast. Don’t jump right in and begin working out five days a week. As per most of the fitness experts, this is a recipe for disaster. John Higgins, who is the MD and Director of Exercise Physiology of the Texas Health Science University, Houston feels that it is better if individuals gradually work up to exercise many days each week while checking out if the body responds in the required manner.

It is essential to start small and go slow. Currently, most health experts feel that you need to exercise 2 to 3 days each week for at least 30 minutes each day. However, for a person who is just now starting, it is better to start at 1 to 3 days each week and then ramp it up from there.

  • Knowing To Stretch

You might think that stretching right before working out is a good thing. But it is not as you will be putting yourself at the risk of injury. Right after your warm-up, you need to stretch your muscles and hold it for about 15 seconds. Health experts feel that by doing so, you are less likely going to injure yourself while stretching, especially if the muscles are already warmed up.

  • Mixing Up The Exercises

Now whether you are going to bulking up or weight loss, a strength training and mixed regimen of aerobics is the best method to get the body that you need. However, even with such categories, you should avoid sticking to the same exercise each day.

As per Dr. Higgs, you mustn’t go running every day. Sometimes it might become annoying and will reach a point where you will stop enjoying it anymore. You can try biking, elliptical, or any kind of exercise that you enjoy the most. If you love to play tennis or basketball, then just do that, as you will more likely stick to the thing that you enjoy the most.

Furthermore, you can switch between the four basic kinds of exercises, which are resistance (strength), aerobic, flexibility, training and balance, and more. All these are quite significant for seniors.

  • Know The Weight And The Best Way Of Using It

Many people get confused when they walk into a gym for the first time. The exciting aspect is that they are afraid of asking for advice. If you are one of them, the time has come to get over it. Keep in mind that if you don’t know, then you need to ask.

As per law, gyms need to have people who can assist and show on how to work out on the machine and even saves you from getting several injured. Also, many newbies select the most massive weight, which is a rookie mistake. As soon as you reach the weight machine, you must start using the lowest weight and slowly keep adding from there.

You must keep increasing the weight until you achieve a point where you can easily lift all the weights. Now once you have the weight with which you are comfortable, don’t become too eager just to increase it.

  • Taking A Break

When people start, they become overzealous and go to the gym every day. Now that is good, but by not allowing your body to rest, you are doing a lot of harm rather than good. You need to give time for your body to heal and repair it by itself. Otherwise, your performance will go down, and you will get stuck in a vicious cycle from where you won’t recover fully.

Wrapping Up

It is normal to have soreness and pain after exercise, and this does not mean that you resort to taking painkillers. Using painkillers will mask the pain and cause a whole lot of damage to your body. You need to allow the body to recover naturally. As you are hitting out of the gym for the first time, you can have many doubts and fear.

Just remember to ask the gym instructor or any person who is already the member. Never feel shy about asking questions and knowing about the exercises which you need to do.

Author Bio :

Cathy is a fitness expert at garagegymplanner.com. She writes regularly on topics revolving around exercise and diet and helps educate readers on the best ways to improve their health and looks natural.

Updated: 15 July 2020

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