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Some Fitness Tips For Working Women

by Tatiana Plesco
Fitness Tips

The world has completely changed. With time, clothes, jewelry, and footwear’s of men and women have been changed. In fact, the entire lifestyle has been changed. In this 21st century, no woman likes to sit at the home and perform household work. Instead, she likes to work in the corporate world. She wants to perform each and every activity which is commonly performed by the man. Due to this thing, many women sit in offices for at least 8 hours. They do not engage in physical activities and develop obesity and other weight-related problems. So, something needs to be inculcated so that all women – working or non-working can stay fit and healthy. Now, I have shared some fabulous fitness tips for working women:

  • Store Healthy Snacks and Nuts in Your Kitchen

Snacks and NutsIf you like to consume snacks, you should always go for healthier ones. In addition to vegetables and fruits, you should also store healthy snacks in your kitchen. You should take snacks like stove-top popcorn and bread muffin. These snacks contain fewer calories and so do not cause health diseases. As per nuts are concerned, you should go for almonds, one of the healthiest snacks. So, you can avail taste as well as health benefits by storing healthy nuts and snacks in your kitchen.

  • Consume a Nutritious Breakfast

All people especially working people should never skip their breakfast. For remaining energetic throughout the day, you need to start your day with a healthy breakfast. You should include several fresh fruits in your breakfast. You can go for bananas, blueberries, papayas. In addition to fruits, you should eat white eggs and avocados in the morning. Your breakfast must contain the foods that provide a great amount of glucose and help in the respiration.

  • Create an Accurate Workout Plan

household activities If you don’t perform household activities, you should go for exercises. You need to create an effective exercise plan. It is up to you which types of exercises, you want to include in your workout schedule:

  1. In addition to exercises, you can also play sports such as football and cricket that also help in maintaining the body.
  2. You can include strength training exercises such as burpees, push-ups, deadlifts, etc. You need to perform these exercises for 20 minutes max.
  3. You can include cardiovascular exercises such as cycling, swimming, jogging, etc
  • Drink Ample Amount of Water

You need to focus pretty much on the water. Water, one of the most three integral things for surviving on this planet, needs to be consumed on a regular basis. You should drink as much water as it possibly on an entire day. With water, you can always improve the functioning of your body. If you drink water on a regular basis, you will never face dehydration or water loss problems. You can also mix some tasty flavors and then drink the water.

  1. You should make a habit of drinking water after waking
  2. You should drink a lot of water after you have your daily meal as it helps in easy and quick digestion.
  3. For preventing dehydration, you must carry a water-bottle during traveling or roaming to different places.
  • Perform Stretching

perform stretchingStretching is beneficial as it helps in preventing the muscles from soreness and tenderness. With stretching, you can improve your blood circulation and remove toxins or harmful substances from your body. Therefore, you can avoid several health diseases. According to your preference, you can perform any type of stretching activity. If you feel embarrassed or bored at your office, you must move to the restroom and perform stretching activities at that place. You just need to take a break from typing. You need to stand up and rub your hands, rotate your wrists and align your spine.

  1. By performing stretching exercises, you can cure your injuries and avoid health problems. Therefore, you need to perform stretching activities for staying active and vibrant.
  2. You must try the 20-20 rule that helps in reducing excessive stress or anxiety.
  3. You should rotate your shoulder and neck quite many times
  4. You should bend your toes and touch them with your hands
  • Avoid Refined Carbs

Only by eliminating processed/fast foods like hamburgers, sandwiches, etc.; you cannot maintain your diet. You also need to avoid carb-rich foods that contain excessive calories and some unsaturated fats. Mostly refined carb foods such as honey, cookies, etc. cause health problems. Well, I am not saying you to completely eliminate these foods. Instead, I am suggesting you to minimizing consumption of these foods. With these foods, you can raise your blood sugar level and develop diabetes. So, why you want to make you unhealthy by eating refined carb foods on a regular basis. Be strict towards your diet and eat a balanced diet every time.

  • Try Other Activities

Well, you do not reduce your working hours to staying fit and active. You can continue your job and maintain your diet. And, you need to perform activities during your free time. For this, you should take a hair scrunchy or rubber band. Then, you touch all fingertips at a particular time. You should perform this activity by using your affected hand. You need to pull the scrunchy towards yourself. Make sure specific resistance is involved during this activity. This activity is just like the reverse squeeze. With these activities, you can relax your palms, hands, and fingers. You should perform these activities while

  1. Enjoying T.V
  2. Listening to Music
  3. Driving

My Verdict

No matter, you do not perform household activities and sit in offices for more than 8 hours. You can maintain your health by following some tips. You must store healthy snacks like popcorn and nuts in your kitchen and eat them when you feel starved. You should include fruits such as papayas and bananas in your breakfast and eat it every day.  You need to follow an effective workout plan that includes low-intensity exercises such as cycling, swimming and high-intensity exercises such as push-ups, deadlifts. You should reduce the consumption of refined carb foods such as cookies, honey, etc. You need to make a habit of drinking water and perform stretching exercises. You should also perform activities with a rubber band or hair scrunchy when you drive or watch T.V. Apart from your office work; you must follow these tips for staying healthy and fit.

Updated: 13 April 2019

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