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Five Diy Ideas to Tame Your Long Hair This Summer

by Tatiana Plesco
Long Hair

Long hair is both a grace and a curse. It is the ultimate feminine hairstyle and can soften up any look. It can look majestic, blowing in the wind, and look sleek and polished even when it’s just brushed back. However, it can be incredibly detailed to get your hair to grow out and even more challenging to maintain it. Many may assume long hair to be the lowest maintenance hairstyle; it is anything but. Long hair can be problematic, and girls with wavy or curly hair will find this task even harder. However, there are several ways you can employ to tame your long hair in the summer months. These tips don’t require you to spend hours upon hours just tending to your hair. In only a few minutes, you can make your hair look shiny, sleek, and healthy. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on hair care products. So, keep reading below to learn the best DIY ideas to tame your locks.

Get on board with the trendiest hairstyles.

Once you’ve grown out your hair to your desired length, it may seem tempting to leave them open all the time. While there is a certain charm in long, loose hair, it can get boring after a while. There are various other methods you can showcase your length without being so obvious. Some of the trendiest hairstyles are for longer hair and can make you look gorgeous in no time. If you have textured hair, box braids are an excellent way to showcase your culture and heritage while looking fabulous.

Another way to style longer hair is by getting a perm. Perms these days aren’t like the ones your grandma used to get back in the day. Instead, they can be incredibly chic. Girls with long, straight hair can opt for body wave perms to get a beachy, tousled look. A balayage is yet another prevalent trend in the US. You can efficiently perform a balayage at home and get great highlights. These are some of the most popular hairstyles in the US these days. Based on your preferences, you can get on board with any of these trends.

Add hair treatments to your washing routine.

Long hair is only beautiful if they are healthy and thick. If you have sparse but long hair, they can look unattractive and lifeless. Therefore, you must incorporate hair treatments into your routine regularly. Tame Your long hair is more susceptible to damage, and it needs all the extra care you can give.

When picking hair treatments, you need to ensure that you assess your hair’s needs and make appropriate choices. If your hair is dry, pick moisturizing therapies to give your hair all the nourishment it needs. Frizzy hair will need different treatments to make it look silkier and smoother. Furthermore, curly and straight hair need other treatments too. Adding hair treatments to your routine is incredibly simple. A simple 8-second massage after shampooing can leave your hair feeling revitalized. Over time, hair treatments can restore your hair’s strength and make it look fabulous no matter how you style them.

Raid your pantry

While you must occasionally incorporate hair treatments into your hair care routine, you shouldn’t use them too often. Some of the best hair treatments are the ones you’ll find in your pantry. Using penetrative oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, and mustard seed oil regularly is the best way for you to tame your long hair. There are no side effects of using these oils, and they only help make your hair more manageable.

There are other pantry ingredients you can use to make your hair look amazing too. Eggs, mayonnaise, honey, and apple cider vinegar are excellent to use as hair masks. These ingredients can help reduce dandruff, split ends, dryness, and much more and let you style your hair any way you wish. Natural ingredients are chock full of antioxidants, which are excellent for all hair types with no damage.

Get a haircut

Having long hair doesn’t mean you have to keep it all one length. You can make your long hair look all the more interesting if you add some layers or bangs. Adding layers can make your hair more manageable and let you do more with it. You can style your hair in different ways with different layers.

Get a haircut

Furthermore, you don’t need to get a professional to cut your hair if you want to make things more interesting. It can be easy to give yourself long layers or even face-framing layers all from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can even try giving yourself light bangs. These can add more femininity and elegance to any look.

Learn to use different tools

There is a colossal range of hair styling tools on the market these days, and you need to know how to use the best ones to tame your hair. Many of the tools now serve a multi-purpose function, and you can use blow dryers to curl or straighten your hair or make them look sleek. Curling rods also come in various sizes, and you can get tighter curls or loose, beachy waves depending on your mood and your look.

Once you learn to master different styling tools, you will rarely need to head to the hairdressers. Not only will this aid you protect money, but it can also let you keep your hair from a great deal of damage. Hairdressers often use tools that can cause your hair a great of damage. Furthermore, they may skip using proper heat protection treatments, which can further damage your hair. When styling your hair at home, you can invest in the best ceramic tools and layer on heat protection. It can keep your hair looking fabulous and feeling healthy too.


With these DIY tips, you can make your long, luscious locks look better than ever. Not only do these tips make your hair look healthier, but they’ll let you experiment and find what looks suit you best. It can be easy to form a good haircare routine, and these tips are easy on your budget too!

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