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Five Tips For Hair Loss

by Tatiana Plesco
Five Tips For Hair Loss

Hair loss must not be tolerated silently. From the variety of naturopathic advice for hair loss, we have chosen five highlights for you. Whether Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy, organic sulfur or targeted stress management, check out our five tips for hair loss, as they can combat natural hair loss treatment directions.

Although hair loss does not hurt, still has massive impacts on the well-being – especially the spiritual.

Hair loss can be treated successfully targeted and if one knows the cause of hair loss. The search for this cause is not always easy. Also, there is not always a doctor who can address the problem with patience and empathy or love.

Natural ways and means of preventing hair loss provide a very good solution here. They are free of harmful side effects and focus not only on the hair loss but on the whole person.

  • The holistic concept of hair loss

Tip 1: MSM for hair loss

MSM stands for methylsulphonylmethane or organic sulfur. Sulfur is a trace element that strengthens fingernails, hair and makes a delicate skin. If sulfur is missing in the diet, then also the hair health could suffer.

The hair consists among other things of a protein called keratin. The body wants to produce keratin for hair healthy and strong, and then he needs to organic sulfur. If there is not enough sulfur available, then not only the skin loses elasticity, the nails and the hair become brittle.MSM can be taken internally with tablets or capsules. But also for external use, there is a possibility, namely the MSM Gel.

Tip 2: Chinese medicinal herbs for hair loss

In traditional Chinese medical treatment for hair loss is associated with liver and kidney problems. In this way many Chinese therapies for hair loss, strengthening these two institutions. This is done with two particularly medicinal plants:

  • The goji berry (Lycium barbarum)
  • Black mulberry

Since hair loss comes hand in hand with Others health issue a detoxification of the body is needed, especially of the liver. The goji berry is sometimes called healthiest berry in the world. It originates from China and has far more vitamins and minerals than most other cultivars of fruits and vegetables. The carotene content of goji berries is higher than that of carrots, their vitamin C content higher than that of oranges and their antioxidant activity even going to be about a hundred times as intense as the broccoli. Besides the fact that goji berries strengthen the immune system proven to prevent aging and even are suspected to be able to prevent ulceration, they are used in China for a long time to strengthen the liver and kidney.

  • Other herbs that are traditionally used in hair loss in China are Ginkgo, the Multiflora knotweed, and Dong Quai.
  • Ginkgo is generally regarded as the blood circulation and therefore can also provide better circulation in the scalp.
  • The Multiflora knotweed in China is a medicinal plant of very exceptional reputation.

Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis), however, has a very special effect, namely on the endocrine system of the woman, which is why Dong Quai is also called “ginseng women”. This plant is used in Chinese folk medicine for over 2000 years and where it is one of the most famous and most popular herbs in general.

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Tip 3: Aromatherapy for hair loss

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts of the flowers, leaves, bark, and roots of various plants. Essential oils that have been proven for the hair loss are those from the following plants:

  • Birch
  • Cajuput
  • Blue Chamomile
  • Lavender sage
  • Sea pine
  • Clary
  • Sage
  • Juniper Berry
  • Juniper wood
  • Cedar

Aromatherapy for hair loss

For promoting hair growth apply:

  • Bay (West Indian bay leaves)
  • Birch
  • Blue chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Juniper
  • Ylang ylang

Tip 4: Homeopathy for hair loss

Acute hair loss can – depending on circumstances can be influenced by various homeopathic preparations: Selenium, for example, is then prescribed by homeopaths when it comes to treating hair loss is accompanied by a sore scalp. If the hair loss occurs during pregnancy, the right agent is often Lachesis, hair loss after breastfeeding could be stopped with Sodium chloride and hair loss after childbirth may have requested Lycopodium or sepia. The latter would also be the method of choice if the hair loss associated with menopause.

Tip 5: Stress Management for hair loss 

Mental stress and psychological problems are known to have a huge impact on the body. This can be seen mostly in indigestion and insomnia. But hair loss can be a direct result of prolonged stress situations.

Exactly how stress can turn the hair is not yet clear. It is thought that stress hormones are affected. As norepinephrine harm the hair follicle by their lead to inflammation. The inflammation’s turn ensures that the hair goes ahead of schedule in the so-called dormancy. In the resting phase but a hair remains only two to three months, then it fails.

So if you suffer from hair loss and simultaneously lead a stressful life permanently, stress reduction through special relaxation techniques is highly recommended to give the hair again an opportunity to relax and regrow.

The relaxation techniques include, for example, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, autogenic training, yoga or certain breathing techniques. They all help to maintain the necessary distance and prevent stress manifests in the body level, weakens the immune system and diseases, or even “just” can lead to hair loss.

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