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Flowers Smell Decreases The Stress

by Tatiana Plesco
Flowers Smell

Inhaling certain scents can alter gene activity and blood chemistry of a person so that he feels less stress. This is the conclusion Japanese scientists come to Akio Nakamura of Saitama University which was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. In studies with rats, they were able to show stress-reducing mechanisms in response to the inhalation of the flavor linalool. This finding reinforces certain effect relationships that are already being implemented in aromatherapy.

  • Reduce stress by flavoring substances

The researchers exposed rats under stress, leaving a portion of the test animal inhales the aroma substance linalool. Linalool is one of the most widely used substances for the emotional stress reduction. It is found in many spice plants such as coriander, ginger, cinnamon, and especially in a particular variety of lavender and is part of many essential oils. A blood test of the treated rats showed a reduction of neutrophils and lymphocytes, cause two immune substances which increase stress on an almost normal level. In addition, the researchers noted a decreased activity of more than 100 genes that override stressful situations.

  • Lavender oil reduces stress

The stress-reducing effect of linalool and linalyl acetate, two important lavender oil components, also Gerhard book Bauer, Vice Executive Board of the Austrian Society for Scientific Aromatherapy and Aromatic Care confirmed in studies. “Linalool reduces stress both direct stresses as well as the decay phase. That could be detected in saliva cortisol measurements in humans”. The reduction of stress has positive knock-on effects, such as sedation and the promotion of falling asleep as well as the general mental well-being. Göttingen researchers could also show that students could play better in tests with high uncertainty and inhibition after inhaling linalool learned, while self-safe, this effect did not occur. The stress reduction thus helped increase their performance.

  • Eliminate stress with aromatherapy

Who wants to conduct scientific aromatherapy, must be clearly distance of esotericism and apply statistical methods of natural science, says Bauer book. “The effect of certain perfumes has so far been demonstrated in numerous applications, including psychosomatic diseases in the destruction of the facts of cancer cells or in reducing pain sensitivity.” Fragrances also address the autonomic nervous system and have specific antioxidant as well as antiviral effects by the sealing of membranes.

Since essential oils open the skin pores, they are also used as a vehicle for medications. After a minute or two, the ingredients get into the blood flow, then get in the liver and excreted in the urine. The second form of administration is via the inhalation, but only low concentrations can be achieved in this way.

  • Fragrance leads to well-being

Fragrance contributes significantly to the well-being with what already leads to relaxation and stress reduction of the person and it also favors the immune system.

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