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Four Hair Trends to Look Out for this Year

by Tatiana Plesco
Hair Trends

Our inner old person might be shouting, ‘How is it already a new year? How does time just fly by?

However, our external being is exclaiming, ‘Goodness! This means new hairstyles! Hello, new hair!’ Another year brings along with it an entire swarm of new haircuts and hair ideas, all the while simply holding up to exploring different avenues.  Regardless of whether it’s the arrival of hair groups and schoolgirl plaits, or working a lob with a fringe, believe me, it actually works, this year conveys with it the ideal chance to try out the most pined for haircuts and hair patterns working their way down the catwalks and onto the streets. To know more about how to achieve that sleek bob check out, HerStyler straight brush pro full review.

Listed below are some of the styles and colors that are going to hit it big this year:

Volume and Bounce

volume and bounce

Hold the phone! 80’s style hair is making a ‘big’ comeback (no pun intended) to fashion week runways and red carpets everywhere. Glossy, voluminous and healthy hair is back in vogue and we would not have it any other way, honestly.

volume and bounce

Hairstylists like to think really big, but big does not mean unmanageable or unruly. The bouncy mane needs to be tamed; it needs to look sleek and big at the same time. It should look asset as the 80’s, but textured with curls and maybe a soft swish in the front. Maybe like Cindy Crawford in her white t-shirt and jeans.

Bobs with Bangs:

Bobs with Bangs

Okay… so this may seem a bit scary, but it’s either go bold or go home right? It’s a strong prediction that women are going to be sporting this look quite dominantly. What if you have a round face? Well, don’t worry! This look is surprisingly adaptable to almost all face shapes. Just stay away from getting a blunt fringe and get messy bangs instead. It looks way more casual and less uptight. Worried that a bob can also be a high maintenance hairstyle? Worry not, check out HerStyler straight brush pro full review to know how you can manage it with the lowest of maintenance.

The Wet look:

The Wet look

Yeah, we know the wet look is nothing new. But there is a twist this time, this year instead of keeping the wet hair trend pin straight, stylist have begun to add texture and have given the style a bit more personality, then the uptight aura it had previously. So you can leave it loose and let it tousle away to keep up this year’s update.

Flyaway Fringes:

Flyaway Fringes

Still not sold on the idea of getting a fringe and find them little annoying to maintain? Then the flyaway fringe trend is perfect for you. Sported by all the major celebrities, the quirky side-swept style is this year’s cool way to keep up that hairstyle. Stylists all over love the layered and textured fringes that are becoming all the rage lately; you can make use of a textured spray to stop it from getting clumpy or oily.

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