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Four Major Reasons to Create Your Store’s Fashion Lookbook

by Tatiana Plesco
Store’s Fashion Lookbook

You may have a beautiful collection of clothes to sell online, but that doesn’t mean that people will rush to buy them. Posting pictures of models wearing them won’t be enough to lure buyers. You need something else, a little extra that will serve as your marketing

This is where the lookbook comes in, a creative medium that allows you to explore many possibilities in showcasing your fashion. It’s one of the ways you can sell your clothes online

Here is why you need to create a fashion lookbook for your online store.

  • Branding

If you decide to create an online clothing shop, a lookbook can serve as branding for your collection. It helps you build a strong identity amid the thousands of online shops out there. Only the very best stand out, and your lookbook can help you achieve this.

Use it to create the vision you have, and let it set the mood and tone for each collection. Utilize it as a marketing material that conveys the heart and soul of your brand. When you’re able to capitalize on this, you will be able to drive additional sales to your website.

  • Fashion Inspiration

A lookbook is less concerned with technical details like pricing or sizes. It is more focused on the pieces of clothing, both individually and as a whole set. In fact, it resembles the fashion ideas you can find on Pinterest. Only, the lookbook can lead you directly to purchasing on the site itself.

Fashion Inspiration

The lookbook showcases your creativity in putting together seemingly different pieces to make a cohesive, stunning style will knock the socks off your potential customers. It’s also a way of educating them on how to dress up fashionably.

In this sense, the lookbook also serves as your portfolio of sorts.

  • Story

When you showcase a collection, make use of emotional settings. Lookbooks are meant to evoke an emotional response from buyers. To do that, you need to use your lookbook to tell a story. The beautiful thing about that is you can tell a different story with each collection.

Tell a nice story through high-quality photographs, and avoid using a studio or static settings. Instead, utilize natural backgrounds, but make sure they don’t detract attention from the products that you’re marketing.

Make use of patterns, themes, textures, and seasons to tell a story that will fire up the senses. Do it in a way that will inspire shoppers to shop the whole look and not just individual pieces.

  • Conversation

A lookbook is nice excuse to start a conversation with fans and people you want to connect with. It gives you a common point of interest to talk about and a venue for engagement.

Store’s Fashion Lookbook

People who fall in love with your collection through your lookbook will be converted into customers. When they become returning customers, they’ll also become evangelists of your brand and share it with their friends.

  • Remember

Even a single striking lookbook can fuel interest, and once shared multiple times, it can increase the reach of your brand with very little marketing effort. It may not convert all your website visitors into customers, but those who understand the heart of your branding have the potential to become loyal clients. Best of all, they usually end up buying more than they originally planned.

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