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Fresh Hair Ideas To Try When Bored With Your Look

by Tatiana Plesco
Fresh Hair Ideas

Are you bored with your same old look every day? Want to freshen up your look and spruce things up. Well then, read on to get some great ideas on fresh hair ideas that you could try to change your regular look.

  • Bangs:

Why not get some new bangs for your hairstyle? If you have doubts about getting bangs, then try some clip-on bangs prior to getting a haircut. This will give you a clear idea of your new look. Even if you hate your new bangs, don’t worry. You can cover them up or hide them by pulling them back to create a French braid. Another way is to split the bangs down in the middle and pin up each section, allowing the remaining hair to fall right over them and hide them. Problem solved!

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  • Try the short haired look:

No, you don’t have to cut your hair super short. All you have to do is create a fake bob and flaunt a short hairdo for a day! Not convinced? Read on. First of all, you need to pin your hair ends to create a fake bob. This will create an illusion that you have short hair. Leave a few loose hair strands out and curl them loosely, to get a romantic hairstyle. If you actually cut your hair short, then apply hair gel to your damp hair, make a side partition and slick everything back for a chic look. Another way is to create a fun texture using a curling iron to wave longer hair pieces. Trim your hair with a razor to get a naturally tousled look. Create a wavy look for short hair; using a tiny round brush while blow drying.
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  • Braid your hair:

Why not try out a waterfall braid, which will look great on unwashed hair especially. You can even spruce up your braid by weaving a ribbon into it. Go for a chic black color or a bright ribbon to create a popping effect. A headband braid is another great choice which looks smart and even holds your hair away from your face.

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  • Style your hair:

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Break away from your regular ponytail and go for a chic new way likes tying a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Change the placement of your ponytail by tracing an imaginary diagonal line starting from your cheekbones till the crown of your head, and tie an elastic band there. Try curling your hair prior to doing an up to do. This will do away with the problems of static and flyaways. Make your hair voluminous, by trying a new partition or by switching sides. Add a sparkly hair accessory like a crystal studded clip or a headband to dress up your hair to do. Comb your hair forward in a straight fashion to get instant bangs!

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