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Fruit Leather Purse Or A Mushroom Jacket

by Tatiana Plesco

Another level of organic bio that all of us can enjoy soon.

We all enjoy a high-quality material and texture in our items that we buy. What about high-quality material and texture that comes from a “new source” and not from killing an animal? that’s exactly what “fruit leather” promises us which is exactly what the name says.

 The fruit leather originally is made from scrap fruits and vegetables on the market in Rotterdam, according to the website fruitleather-rotterdam.com. Usually, traders should pay about 10 cents per kilogram of thrown, useless fruits and vegetables, declared the team in charge of the project. In one day the markets in Rotterdam and the surrounding throw approximately 3,500 kg of fruits and vegetables rotting or that can no longer be sold, says the site. These remnants, though often inedible, may be used. They are transformed in fruit leather that can be used vastly in commercial plans: purses, clothing and even shoes. This team of designers from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam is doing the same procedures as the chefs in the restaurants do: cut, cook and dry the fruits in order to turn them into and an edible looking product called fruit leather.

Fruit Leather Purse Or A Mushroom Jacket

The process is not very complicated though time-consuming. Still, its doable and we know that this skin can be used in so many ways and benefit the humanity tremendously, says the team of designers. Every day, 3500 kg. of useless remnants of fruits and vegetables are left behind in the market of Rotterdam. The leather fruit is made out of these remnants by mashing, cooking and drying process. It is transformed into a candy-like material of fruits and then transformed into leather- a new kind of material is created.

  • The future of fruit leather is big!

The designers have big plans for the future of fruit leather to make it a material that can be marketed. For now, the material is not as though as the animal skin but they say it definitely can replace the used of plastic or even cardboard boxes and packaging. I think would be nice to buy a box of strawberries packed in a package made from the same fruit. Also, another firm in fashion designer from the United Kingdom, Biocouture, is offering us for the next seasons organic materials that you can grow right at your home. They say it’s an easy way and one of the most beneficial. Simple and quick way to get material for a women jacket is from Kombucha tea. This mushroom soup was a precious remedy for rheumatism, gout, digestive problems, and poisoning, of infectious diseases and certain forms of cancer. Now it’s also used as a material for clothing. Easy, organic and the supreme way to go green. Out of this tea, Suzanne Lee can do shirts, dresses, jackets and even shoes. She uses the organic fibers of this mushroom, even after prolonged use does not throw it in the trash but turn into compost for plants in the vegetable garden or flower pot, says Suzanne Lee. Bright future and out of this world genius!

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