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Gardening and All the Health Benefits that We Usually Ignore

by Tatiana Plesco

Every year more than 230 million of prescribed antidepressants, are becoming the most widely used drugs in the West. However, the incidence of depression in all its forms, came to 10 percent currently, and the number of adults diagnosed with depression increases, according to statistics from 2012, with 20% every year.

The statistics clearly indicate the fact that the treatments used do not work and, in addition, these drugs may cause other health problems. Fortunately, there are other more effective ways to treat depression-and one of them promotes outdoor activities.
According to a survey conducted recently by the Gardeners World magazine, 80 percent of those who practice hang out … declare that they are “happy” and satisfied with their lives, compared to 67% of those who do not practice this activity. And the more time you spend in the garden the more increase level of contentment-87% of those who spend more than six hours per week with garden care is declared blessed, compared to those who spend less time in the garden.
Monty Don, TV presenter, and writer in the field of guiding towards, these feelings of accomplishment are attributed by “positive load” which benefits those who practice, through direct contact with the Earth and because of time spent in nature. Interestingly, researchers in the field of sport have found that when you train outdoors, although more effort is required in, impressing outdoors is easier to train than when you train in the gym, which significantly increases the benefits for health.
This sense of good humor has long-term implications and health physics. According to a recent study, a pouch full of mirth contributes significantly to lower the risk of heart attack or sudden cardiac death reasons. This is what declared the primary author of the study, Lisa r. Yanek, master in public health and Assistant Professor at the Department of Internal Medicine of the school of medicine, Johns Hopkins University: ‘ If you’re a dentist and inclined to look the good side of things, you are more protected from heart problems.
heart problems

A happy temperament has a real effect on the disease and, consequently makes you healthier. ‘

What does science say about exercise and therapy ‘ ecotherapy ‘ for depression three years ago, in an interview, medical journalist and Pulitzer Prize-nominated Robert Whitaker have shared his experience in research work and in his knowledge regarding psychiatric medications and alternative treatments for depression.
Mentioned, thus an interesting study conducted by Duke University in late 1990, which dealt with depression patients into three groups, each with a different treatment: Treatment only through movement, exercise, and another treatment only with antidepressants. After six weeks the group who received only drugs has yielded something better the other two groups. However, at an evaluation done after 10 months, the only group that has had the highest rate of return and maintenance of well-being was the one who was outdoors and exercising.
Depression Patients
As some European countries affirm, take very seriously the results of these type of studies and begin to develop treatments based on evidence provided by them. England, for example, no longer recommend antidepressants in the first stage of treatment for mild to moderate depression, and doctors can prescribe to the patients consult with a counselor in motion, under the formula “program doctor movement.”
Physical activity may involve the outdoors, reading, repairing the walkway or arranging green areas. Dr. Alan Cohen, a British practitioner interested in mental health, says: “when people are feeling depressed or anxious, they feel like they no longer have control over their life. Sport plays with this feeling of control over your body and it is usually the first step towards regaining control over other aspects of life.
“In the first years after the introduction of the program in 2007, called “Green Gym” or “Ecotherapy”, the doctors who prescribed the movement for depression increased from 4 percent to nearly 25 percent.
Studies on movement as a treatment for depression and a closely related reflect between mental and aerobic capacity available. Body-mind connection is real and wins more and more recognition, and maintaining good physical health can significantly reduce the risk of depression. According to a 2009 report on the Ecotherapist, prepared by the British Depressionalliance.org: 94% of those who participated in a survey about the mind were specified as sports books have had significant benefits for mental health; and 100% of volunteers surveyed during a project of environmental conservation have recognized that participation in this project it has influenced positive mental health, it has boosted their confidence and self-esteem.Physical health
In addition, the National Institute for Excellence Clinic said patients ‘ depression … organized and supervised physical activity may be a significant impact from clinically depressive symptoms over.
“Places, be ready to start gardening! Besides increasing good mood, a garden can have a positive impact on health, since it is a source of fresh food, polluted, but also the budget, reducing shopping list done at the market. And it is not necessary to have a very large space. You don’t even need a yard behind the house.
Apartment owners can organize very well their own vegetable garden/Greens on the balcony. There are thousands of creative solutions that can help you take maximum advantage even of small spaces, and finding them can be a part of the therapy. You can also opt for germs, which help build your immune system as well. Alex Mitchell, in his book an edible balcony, shows you how you can cultivate the greens and vegetables in small spaces. With many colored photographs, the book helps you choose the most suitable, depending on the space and location and you learn a few basic rules regarding the Organization of a great garden in a limited space.
Vegetable Garden
For example, those staying at the apartments upstairs have more wind than those who sit downstairs. There are solutions for virtually any problem and, in this case, you can use plants that resist well to wind or you can build a system of protection. Can be used at a maximum of every inch, including lateral walls.
Shelves suspended are ideal for a wide variety of food such as strawberries, herbs, climbing beans,  peas, tomatoes and a variety of vegetables. And instead of flowers, the flower pots on the windowsill can host plants, radishes, onions, green beans, strawberries, cabbage, and chili pepper chili, for instance. Planted little at first and add pots as they gain experience. Soon you will begin to make your own market garden.
Six additional strategies you can use to get rid of depression the following strategies are very useful for people who tend to suffer from depression. There were positive effects than generally does not require high costs to be put into practice: improves your intestinal flora. More and more studies show that bacteria in the gut play an essential role in brain development and behavioral and emotional problems from depression to ADHD, autism and other serious diseases such as schizophrenia. A recent study for the validation of the concept has found that probiotics (beneficial bacteria) have altered brain function from participants. Unlike the control group, women who ate yogurt with probiotics showed lower activity in two regions of the brain that control the processing of emotions and sensations.
The implications are significant for our era where depression and ‘ discomfort ‘ emotionally touched highs. It can be said that we have two brains, in the true sense of the word, one in the head and another in the stomach and each of them needs the proper nutrition. It is important to understand that we have neurons in the brain and intestines — including neurons that produce serotonin neurotransmitters as it is. In fact, the greatest concentration of serotonin, which controls available, depression and aggression, is present in the gut, not the brain! This might explain why antidepressants that increase serotonin levels in the brain, it does help in many cases, certain changes in return give eating almost every time. Fermented foods are optimal to get midst better digestive health, provided that they are made at home, not to be scalded and traditionally fermented.
digestive health
Some beneficial bacteria present in foods are fermented and very good prevents heavy metals and pesticides, with a beneficial effect on health by reducing the body’s toxic cargo. Among the options recommended are fermented vegetables, lassi (a yogurt-based Indiana, usually consumed before dinner), fermented milk, such as kefir and natto (fermented soybeans). In the absence of such food, supplements can be used as probiotics.
Depression should be seen as a lack of balance in the body or in life, to be remade, not as a disease. One thing that matters in this is respect, healing negative emotions, captive subconsciously. A very useful method of this is Emotional Release Technique (EFT), a form of psychological acupressure.
If you suffer from severe depression, you should consult a specialist who practiced this technique. However, in most cases, this technique can be applied without assistance. It’s so easy that kids can learn. There are many effective methods of releasing stress, you can try to see which suits you.
Thus, you can meditate, keep a journal, you can do yoga breathing exercises, or you can talk with a close friend. Keep in mind that although the EFT involves no cost when practicing alone, it is always better to use a specialist, because it is a technique that requires years of practice for refining them in order to obtain optimal results.
yoga breathing exercises
Exercise.  Regular movement is one of ‘ secret weapons ‘ to fight depression. This helps to normalize the level of insulin and stimulates hormones ‘ happiness ‘ in the brain. Dr. James s. Gordon, the world-renowned specialist in the medicinal use of mind-body therapies to combat depression, explains: ‘ scientific Studies carried out on the movement shows that the movement is at least as effective as antidepressants in terms of depression … because it affects the level of serotonin in the brain. And increase the level of endorphins, hormones ‘ happiness ‘.
Also-these studies are downright amazing movement increases the number of cells in the brain, in the area called the hippocampus.
These studies have been done on animals first and are very important because sometimes I’m depressed, fewer such cells in the hippocampus. But you can actually change the composition of the brain with the help of the movement.
That’s why you need to be part of the treatment of any person in the place. ‘ Improve the quality of the food. Another factor is neglected nourishment. Foods have a huge impact on the body and brain and eating whole and natural foods help maintain mental and physical health. Avoid sugar (especially fructose) and cereals will normalize the level of insulin and leptin, another important aspect in the depression.
Sugar causes chronic inflammation, which interferes with the normal function of the immune system and can cripple the brain function. Sugar and an essential hormone repress growth called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which promotes healthy neurons in the brain and plays a vital role for memory.
Brain Function
Level of BDNF is at a critical level in those who suffer from depression, and experiments on animal models suggest that it may be a causative factor. Consume more fatty acids Omega-3. Quality fats of animal origin such as krill oil are extremely useful, this could be one of the most important nutrients for optimal function of the brain, thus preventing depression. DHA is one of the omega-3 fatty acids from krill oil and fish, and the brain depends on it for operation. Low levels of DHA is associated with depression, memory loss, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s. Enjoy yourself. Did you notice how good you feel when you spend time outdoors on a sunny day? Well, sun exposure without risks facilitates the production of vitamin D, which is very good for increasing good dispositions.
One study even found that people with lower levels of vitamin D are more prone to depression than people who got enough vitamin d. you can optimize your vitamin D levels or by the exposure to the Sun, the use of a bed that doesn’t submit bronzant risks, or by eating quality supplements with vitamin D3. Lifestyle has a significant impact on the emotional health for sure that energy psychology is a powerful tool for solving emotional, but the importance of connecting with nature through a project gardening or other outdoor activities cannot be ignored.
The evidence shows clearly that activities such as Ragnarok can have a significant impact on the depression, and movement in any form may be one of the well-kept secrets of preventing depression. Strengthening spiritual belief is another important aspect of mental and emotional health. And in terms of nutrition, reducing significant consumption of sugar (especially fructose), cereals and processed food is very important, as well as adequate intake of vitamin B12. In fact, vitamin B12 deficiency contributes to depression and affects one in four people.
Emotional Health
Vitamin D and omega-3 fats are very important for mood and brain health. It’s good also to assess the intake of salt. Sodium deficiency may cause symptoms very similar to depression. It’s good, but let’s not use processed salt (regular table salt). It’s better to use natural salt unprocessed, as the Himalayan salt, which contains over 80 different macronutrients. In conclusion, the lifestyle can be one of the most important factors that can contribute to depression, so it is better to remedies aspects of life mentioned in this article before you apply a treatment with drugs-about which science has shown as there are no more effective than a placebo treatment and can have many detrimental side effects.

Do you have your own garden?

To have your own garden contributes much to healthier eating, and, in the long run, it may cause a change in the food industry and a return to the simple and natural diet. Start with small, easy to grow things, like herbs, then slowly make your way into a new one of a kind garden.

Updated: 29 March 2019

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