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Get Your Face Ready for Summer. How to have a Fresh, Clean and Hydrated Tan

by Tatiana Plesco
Face Ready for Summer
Many of us spent adolescence under the terror of acne. And though we hope to pass with age, was not like that. We use antibiotics long after 20 years and still had 30 eruptions. We want to hide. We leave the hair long just to divert attention from face redness. We hide the girl under the foundation and we don’t like it when we look at the world.
If you find yourself in this category are sure that you want to have a clean, healthy and glowing skin. You want to be able to have short hair and stop hiding behind all makeup. I’m sure you want your face to be perfect and give you the confidence to be yourself -live your life trying to make anything you want.
This is possible, but such a transformation will not happen because you will use multiple products or you will make many things besides. But, on the contrary, you will simplify things, and you will regain its value and the freedom.
Here are 7 things you can turn the red, swollen and full of stains skin in a clean, healthy complexion and beautiful-naturally:

1. Remove from eating processed sugar.

This will really make the difference in your face about it. Many people are addicted to sugar, their whole lives, often without even realizing it. Processed sugar is a toxin, and the skin is the largest organ of the body; It is not surprising that when you have a large number of toxins in the body, it will pull them through the skin in the form of spots.
Remove from eating processed sugar
Sugar also destroys collagen and prevents the restoration of natural skin. Take a break from the processed sweets and replace them with fruits and other natural sweeteners. You will start to feel the sweetness of fruits and veggies as you’ve never felt it ever! Read here about how you can give up white sugar as soon as possible: How to leave the sugar in 5 days.

2.Go do what you like.

Many people are unhappy with their professional activity. Even if you have well-paid jobs, they feel deprived of life whenever they go to the office. So I’m frustrated, because I know I can do much more than that. Their bodies full of frustration, it is normal for their daughter to be covered with stains. When you decide to take the step, you change your life and do something that you will follow the dream, the frustrations will disappear and the skin will become cleaner.

 3. Do not use products that contain chemicals.

I’m not referring here only to chemical products for the face, or cleaning ones,  I mean the ones used in the kitchen. Read the labels of all products that come in contact with your body and instead use the usual products, replace them with natural alternatives: cleaning vinegar, coconut oil for the body, face and hair, magnets for laundry.
 Do not use products that contain chemicals

4. Wash your face with honey.

Use unpasteurized honey to wash your face. It is very easy-you wet your face, put honey in your palm, use your fingers to spread honey on your face, then latest with clean water. After a month of use, your skin will begin to produce its own oils.
Wash your face with honey

5. Spend time outdoors.

And not just for vitamin D! Yes, free air nourishes you with a light patting, but is also an opportunity to breathe fresh air, get a break, doing exercises, being in nature and to look into perspective. I mean all those things you need to keep your balance, which will, in turn, influence your skin.

6. Consume as many raw plants

The plants are full of wonderful substances that nourish and repair the skin and body called phytonutrients. To regenerate, our skin needs certain elements which are best absorbed in plants in their raw state, not processed and coming from a culture without chemicals.

7. Avoid getting your hands on your face with the palm.

Palms of our hands are the main surfaces of contact with the environment. This means they are and a supportive environment for bacteria and germs. If you feel the need to touch the face learn to do it with the back of his hand so that you do not expose yourself face.
getting your hands on your face
These 7 things have miraculous effects. Will help not only to restore the skin but also life, to have more confidence in you and follow your destiny.

Updated on 10-08-2020

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