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Ginger Is A Powerful Spice That Kills Common Types Of Cancer

by Tatiana Plesco
Ginger Is A Powerful Spice That Kills Common Types Of Cancer

It is a well-known fact that turmeric has anti-cancer properties. Ginger is also a powerful spice that has been found to possess the ability to reduce tumors. Ginger is reported to be more effective than even some drugs that are commonly used to fight cancer. Some cancer drugs are totally ineffective and speed up the death of cancer patients. Ginger is a popular spice all over the world is consumed in small doses in the food and drinks. Recently, it is gaining more attention due to its medicinal properties and is even being included as a health tip by experts.

Based on the latest health news, a study conducted Georgia State University revealed that whole ginger extract has the power to shrink the size of tumors in mice by almost 56%. Ginger is useful in reducing inflammation, is rich in antioxidants and is also found to possess anti-cancer properties. Cancer drugs are not very effective when it comes to permanently shrinking tumors, and in fact, some drugs even make the tumor larger and accelerate the death of the patient. It is observed that tumors tend to relapse and become bigger or ‘metastize’ and become stronger as compared to their original size when the patients were treated with premium priced chemical anti-cancer drugs. According to expert physicians, when we try to manipulate the cancerous tumors, by using anti-cancer drugs, they might lead to an increase in tumor numbers and may become more metastatic. This is irrespective of whether the drug has been scientifically proven to be used against cancer by health officials.

On the contrary, ginger has been found to have absolutely no side effects and is being used as a valuable food product across several countries for many centuries. Gingers extract exhibited significant effects on inhibiting the growth as well as inducing death on a wide variety of prostate cancer cells. Important health news is that several other research and studies have revealed the same results on the beneficial aspect of ginger against cancer and this spice is also found to have a positive impact in treating over 101 diseases.

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