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Go Walking To Work!

by Tatiana Plesco

Who comes walking or cycling to work, is happier than workers who commute by car every day to their workplace. Also, the use of public transport makes people happier and healthier. These results came from a British long-term study of almost 18,000 adult participants. The scientists emphasize that long car rides are particularly bad for mental and physical health.

  • Walking and cycling make people healthy and productive

People who come to their workplace on foot or by bicycle, have forty percent less risk of developing diabetes than others. Also, the risk of high blood pressure decreases significantly. This resulted in a scientific study of Imperial College London in 2013.

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The employees can benefit from a moderated physical activity not only on physicals level but also on the mental level; this was proved by US scientists at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis School of Science. Their study shows that increasing physical activities such as walking to work also improve performance and general mental well-being. Study participants who were on the treadmill during working hours were satisfied with their jobs, motivated and stress resistant.

  • Walk to work is good for body and soul

Researchers at the Britains University of East Anglia can now support the results of an extensive long-term study. Adam Martin and his colleagues analyzed data from almost 18,000 adults aged eighteen to sixty-five, which were collected over eighteen years. The scientists received inter alia detailed information on the psychological well-being of the subjects. The feeling of worthlessness, sadness, and sleep problems are just a few factors that were included in their analysis.

Walk to work

  • Driving is dangerous to health

While most studies on this topic are performed on participants who either use one or the other method of travel to get to work, Adam Martin and his team concentrated on people who had at least once switched from a method of locomotion on the other. The only way they could get extensive results and compare the various methods of locomotion in a meaningful way. The happiest were those participants who no longer took the car to work, but instead, got to work by foot or by bike. In addition, they were able to concentrate better and feel less stressed – quite apart from the fact that the movement of courses is also good for physical health.

  • Bus and train are better than a car

Surprised scientists found that commuting by bus and/or train the subjects made happier than driving a car. Train delays and overcrowded compartments are apparently less stressful than having to drive yourself. “Since buses and trains give people time to relax, read or socialize, and yet also to include a walk to the bus stop, it seems to cheer up the people,” said Adam Martin via commuting by bus and train.

  • Driving stresses

Not only the way how they come to work, influenced the psychological well-being of people, such as the British researchers found. Also the time it takes to commute to work, plays an important role. So feel motorists their way to work as more stressful, the longer they have to drive. If we leave the car and instead often change to buses, train, and bike or walk the same walk, we do it not just for our bodies but also our souls. In addition, of course, the environment benefits if fewer people go by car.

  • More tips about walking to work

  1. Before you start, it values doing some research on the best routes – there are some good digital ways to help you.
  2. Try varying your way a little to keep it interesting
  3. Try out new ways on the way home when you’ve time to explore
  4. Time yourself so you know how long each way takes average walking speed is 3mph
  5. Be ready to adjust your route for different climate conditions see Walking in winter
  6. Check the climate conditions before you leave local travel updates can be found online, on mealtime TV and native radio stations, or via mobile apps

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