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Good Grooming: A Man’s Guide to Excellent Dental Health

by Tatiana Plesco
good grooming

Every day brings about new opportunities and interactions with people we have met and others who are new to us. It can be draining if every person you meet for business or social endings ends up running from you because of that nasty odor emanating from your mouth, armpits or feet. This is why grooming needs to be a top priority for every person. For the menfolk, grooming needs to be among the top on your list of priorities.

Other than taking a shower and ensuring your wardrobe is in top shape, your mouth is a critical area that needs good grooming. Your dental health status says a lot about you. If your smile helps you make a good first impression, the teeth and the fresh breath should reinforce it. Men are known to be lazy when it comes to men’s grooming overall. You need to know that it’s an effort in vain to don the latest fashion but have a mouth that repels people whenever you approach them for a discussion.

Good Brushing Technique

Brushing is the most basic but important procedure that will keep your teeth sparkling clean. If you ignore brushing, the food debris build-up can lead to a foul smell every time you talk. The accumulation can cause bacteria to build up and your sparkling teeth will be overcome by stains in no time. What you need is to brush once or twice a day, but you need fluoride-based toothpaste. You also need a mechanical toothbrush that works perfectly.

brushing technique

The Tongue Game

If you are not keen on oral health, your tongue can easily turn into a growing field for bacteria. The back of the tongue requires proper cleaning and scraping a tongue cleaner will do the job. The superbly scraped tongue will help you fight bad breath.

Toothbrush Care

Many people will leave their toothbrushes in a container in the bathroom. It makes logical sense but your bathroom is a damp and high moisture area. You need to wash your toothbrush, preferably with warm water and store it securely in an upright position. You need bristles cover to keep away the onset of bacteria buildup.

There are some foods you will eat but they end up discoloring your teeth. It’s ideal that you pick teeth whitening kits to keep away the stain. Where possible, consider doing away with some food/drinks such a coffee, coke and any other that will stain your white teeth. Remember, some unnecessary habits like smoking; tobacco chewing and enamel eroding foods need to go.

Whereas tooth whitening has its benefits, flossing adds up to them. You want to remove the deadly plaque that is no good for your teeth and gums. You can do flossing for 2-3 minutes and watch out for signs of weakness. For instance, if your teeth bleed in the process, it is a sign that you need to see the doctor/dentist.

toothbrush care

Eating to enhance your teeth is as good as visiting your dentist. Your dental health is determined by what you eat. Consider foods that provide essential nutrients. Calcium packed foods are good for your dental health and so are foodstuffs that help you strengthen and clean your teeth in the process.

 Even before you visit a dentist, consider talking to a dietician for advice. You need to know what foods to eat regularly and what to drop from your list. Avoid sugars since they damage your teeth and they may not have a crucial role to play in this context. The more you eat sugars, the more you are encouraging bacteria to build up inside your mouth.

Consider Mouthwash

A lot has been said and hyped about mouthwash. There are so many ads that market mouthwash in a thousand impressive ways. This, at times, makes people ignore them.

consider mouthwash

The truth is, mouthwash is good for your dental health. It helps to tone down the acidity in your mouth, neutralizes germs in hard to brush areas and it helps strengthen the tooth structure. If you are not a good candidate for flossing and brushing, mouthwash will work for you. It’s advisable that you consider your doctor’s advice before you pick a specific type of mouthwash product.

Drink More Water

Water is crucial in ensuring your body’s processes are ruining as expected. In the dental health perspective, you need the water to help you clean the mouth even when you aren’t brushing. A glass or two after a meal will help wash out acid and it will clear off sticky food particles and debris. You don’t want any accumulation of food since it could trigger teeth decay and bad breath in no time.

drink more water

Your grooming routine needs to be observed as required. You might be keen about your skin or hair routines and your dental health should be addressed with the seriousness it deserves. You cannot claim to excel in dental health if you don’t undertake regular dental checkups. They help in identifying imminent teeth problems and you can fix them before it’s too late.

Choose Your Dentist Wisely

You can observe some teeth care routines from your bathroom. However, there are issues that require a dentist’s attention. You can’t possibly fix a cavity from home. As such, you need to find a dentist who can provide solutions for your quest for exceptional dental health status. You don’t have to choose any doctor who claims to be a dentist too. Take time and chose a reputable dentist who has the credentials, certification and a host of positive reviews from past clients.

Updated on 06-08-2020

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