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Guide To Choose The Perfect Watch For Your Mother

by Tatiana Plesco
Choose The Perfect Watch

There are many things, you can select as a gift for your mother; it may be a new dress, an expensive necklace, or a coveted piece of jewelry. But nothing stands out and means as much as a watch. Not only it is a timeless ornament and a functional accessory, but it also signifies the deep love and respect that you have for her throughout your life. An exclusive watch is given to someone who has utmost importance in our life. And who can be better than the mother? We have always experienced motherly love. So, This Mother’s Day, it is a perfect time to show some gratitude towards her. Hence, gifting an expensive watch is definitely the best option. In order to show your love and respect, saying thank you to her for the crucial time of her life she has invested in you.  Now, it is time to make her realize that you will always be by her side, no matter what; a small gesture expressing how much you love her.

  • Selecting an exclusive watch

However, when you start looking at watches for your mom, you’ll find that the market distribution of luxury watches is quite skewed in favor of men. This is in stark contrast to the fact that women do not makeup even half of the potential market. They do not lack in admirers at all. However, the fact remains that only about 20% of luxury watches are aimed towards women.

 Therefore, the thing to look for is not to fall for any watch that is overvalued, and this is where proper research is essential.  The big brand’s watches are made of precious gemstones and handcrafted work with precision. Moreover, they also invest in high range materials such as diamonds, gold, platinum, colors of the dial, design, shape etc., which complements the overall look of the luxurious watches, as well as exclusive watches also boasts feathers, animals inlaid and decorated with pearls.

Hence, before buying an exclusive watch for your mother, you can consider following factors:

  • Selecting the right color

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is the color. You must first decide on the color and finish that you want to buy.
  2. There is an enormous range of colors available in the market for women. Not all women go gaga over pink color, so you can set parameters regarding color.
  3. You can omit the colors that you are not willing to buy and look for watches in the specific color of your choice.
  4. There are many shades of greys with metallic look including slatey, charcoal. Besides, shades of brown including copper and bronze finish in the coffee color palette.
  5. Moreover, vibrant colors are also available that can be matched with an outfit.
  • Watch style and straps

  1. The watch style can be best selected as per the wrist. Mini watches look good on lean hand, while big watches tend to appear elegant on the hefty wrist.
  2. Additionally, the strap of the watches steals the limelight. Not only the dials are made fancy, but also special attention is given to the straps of the watch to add the magic to the overall appearance of it.
  3. Opting for the big brand may give you many options and it is a worthwhile investment and treasured gift. Such as white dial or a mineral crystal at the center, stainless-steel dial complements any outfit and is quite easy to read time as well, making this advantageous for the elderly people.
  4. Moreover, some luxury watches are made to personify royalty. Hence, finding an exceptional piece of work is likely to be treasured by your mom.

You can select watchkeeping in mind above-mentioned tips. This will enable you to buy the most exclusive watch according to your budget, as a token of love for your mother.

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