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Guide to Succeed in the Beauty Industry: 7 Suggestions

by Tatiana Plesco

Entering or trying to establish yourself in a competitive industry is not that easy, even if you have a plethora of available resources at your disposal. The beauty industry is one of the best examples of how failing to create a proper strategy or making a few mistakes in an established salon can lead to one’s downfall.

No, if a beauty salon wants to succeed, there is a lot to consider, and not having a proper foundation that holds the business together can be the difference-maker.

This article will cover 7 basic things beauty salons need to incorporate or nourish more if they want to create a profitable venture.

Prioritize Customers

Do not discard the old cliche of customers being always right. People visit a beauty salon because they are looking to get their hair or make-up done, but that is not all. Some visitors also treat such a trip as a means to escape and enjoy themselves.
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So if the environment they enter does not provide a positive experience, they are unlikely to come again.

Of course, prioritizing customers is not just about the experience inside a salon. Another good way to show clients that you care is to be flexible.

Some clients might struggle to find an appointment time that fits them and a beautician, so the latter could work later or earlier than usual to accommodate such customers.

Offering different booking options is also worth a shout. Not every customer is keen to visit the salon in person or make a phone call to book an appointment, not to mention that they might not get a positive response immediately.

Instead, more beauticians should use Watalook, a salon scheduling app that lets beauticians create personal pages and simplify the booking procedure for the clients. Such a flexible tool is bound to make more customers happy and appreciate the flexibility.

Collaborate and Look for Marketing Opportunities

Surviving in the modern business world without a solid marketing plan is quite challenging, and beauty salons are no exceptions.

Right now, it is quite popular to utilize social media and post video tutorials to drive engagement and attract new clients. Promotional campaigns and giveaways are worth a shout as well.

Influencer marketing is a good way to attract attention as well. If a salon can find an agreement with a few local celebrities or influencers and ask them to promote a service, they can expect more customers.

The bottom line is that it is necessary to regularly look for marketing opportunities and advertise the beauty salon on multiple channels.

Stay Educated

Some beauticians might argue that education is not really necessary because you can learn and improve on the job. It is true that actual work experience is valuable, but such a narrow-minded approach is problematic.
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A beautician’s experience grows not just from work but learning about the most recent trends, beauty products, services, and other relevant things.

Keep in mind that falling behind will give you an edge over your competition. A beauty salon that incorporates the latest trends and services is more likely to succeed than a salon that fails to acknowledge interesting and modern approaches to the beauty industry.

Invest in Development of Your Staff

Good staff is one of the cornerstones of a successful beauty salon. Beauticians need to feel like they belong and are treated with respect from upper and middle management. Providing regular training opportunities is one of the ways to show staff that you care about them.

Investing in an employee is worth it because they can produce more value by becoming better. In addition, employees who benefit from training also feel more inclined to work for a salon.

Finding reliable staff members is difficult, and if there are problems with employee retention, a business will run into serious problems.

Pay Attention to Feedback

Whether you are a regular employee or someone in management, it is important to pay attention to feedback coming from customers and colleagues.

It is more or less impossible to cover everything on your own, and you need to get some help. Feedback is valuable because it reveals things that a business is missing.

Having said that, it is important to distinguish between constructive criticism and criticism that makes no or very little sense. At the end of the day, a beautician who spends their entire day in a salon should know more about the intricacies than a random customer. At the same time, if there is value in a customer’s ideas, they should not be ignored.

As for employee feedback, it is important to encourage them to share their feelings and discuss problems among the staff so they can determine a way to solve problems and move forward.

Keep Track of Expenses and Earnings

Despite seeming quite obvious, there are still instances when a beauty salon fails to hire an accountant who can keep track of expenses and earnings. It is necessary to have a professional who understands the numbers and does not make errors. Otherwise, the problem with taxes and other fiscal matters can snowball out of control and leave the salon in a bad spot.
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Set Goals and Follow Through

Setting goals for the next month or even an entire year might seem like a waste of resources, but such an approach could really help, especially in the long run.

One thing to note about goals, though, is that you should be realistic about what is possible to accomplish and what is unlikely. After all, failing to meet the goals leaves a negative impression, which is not good for everyone’s morale.

Instead, it might be better to start with smaller things, such as setting out to attract a certain number of new followers on social media or getting more customers to come on a particular day of the week.

After a goal is accomplished, you can cross it off the list and feel a sense of achievement and progress. Once it becomes clear that the business is moving in the right direction because the salon is meeting its goals, the overall atmosphere will rise and make everyone happier.

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