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Hairdressers Guide to Cutting Your Own Hair

by Tatiana Plesco
cutting your own hair

It seems that your hair is growing big and long! Whether the nearest salon is reopened or not, cutting your hair with complete independence is bliss. But sometimes it can be risky, especially if you are doing it without proper knowledge. It’s an essential part of personal care. There is no room for mistakes. With all the necessary knowledge, you can do it yourself. Going outside or sitting in a public place may not be in your mind right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise. 

This article will help you to design and cut your hair according to your choice while being safe.

What hairdressers say?

Most hairdressers recommend avoiding scissors. Scissors can be risky, and also, it is not always possible to understand the angle and pressure required for cutting hairs. Scissors are for experts working in this field. For you, there are plenty of state-of-the-art options. The best andis T outliner minimizes the risks and makes the process less complicated. Trimmers are up for sale in a more significant number, especially considering the pandemic situation. Trimmers make the tasks a lot easier when it comes to split ends, overgrown bangs, and unshaped layers of hair. Learning to cut your hair will help in this current situation and allow designing your hair like a pro. It is the most viable solution for independent hair styling.

Do you really need a cut?

There are many ways you can change your looks rather than going the extreme way or depending on something that makes you feel regretting later. If you are looking to cut your own hair, expert hairdressers advise doing it when you are not stressed. It has been seen that most home haircuts go awry, and the entire concept of hairstyling falls out of hand when you are in a hurry. Before trying out your significant hands-on changes, try doing it on temporary ones. This is the reason outliners are the best choice for home haircutting. 

Dos and Don’ts

  • Cut your hair in the bathroom in front of a mirror so that you can see the curves and angles vividly. 
  • Always trim your hair less than what you’ve expected. Make sure that you don’t go bald by adjusting the size of the cuts.
  • Make sure not to trim your hair when it’s wet. Wet hairs bounce up after getting dried, and you may ultimately end up cutting a lot shorter than the original requirement. 
  • Make sure not to drive your trimmer in a straight line across the ends of your hair. This is because you will not be able to run straight, and it will look like chunks and blocks on the scalp.

Choose the best trimmers.

When it comes to independent haircutting, choosing the best trimmer is the ultimate objective. The best andis T outliner is the perfect choice to swish over the black pasture land on your scalp. Gone are the days when hairdressers use to depend on scissors for every style required. Today, scissors are most commonly used to cut taped packages and open up skinless, boneless chicken breasts. So here, we don’t need it! Trimmers are made to cut your hair just the way you want. 

The trimmers come with a cord so that it can be connected to a power supply board. They offer the maximum power and precision so that each design can be done confidently. They consist of self-sharpening blades that last longer than usual. These help in cutting and trimming your hair 40 percent faster and make the process a lot convenient. On a combined note, trimmers help you to achieve a cool retro look while being smarter on the streets.

Why trimmers are a good choice over scissors?

Trimmers are specialized devices that are used for trimming and cutting hair in a simple way. The functionality is the same as the scissors but is distinctive as scissors need to be controlled manually, and trimmers are electrically powered. Trimmers are also heavier than scissors, and this helps in controlling the cuts over curves. There are different types of trimmers available in the market. The price and durability are based on the manufacturer and model type. 

When buying a trimmer from the online store, make sure to choose the best one that offers good and durable benefits. Also, do not forget to check the wattage required, the speed provided, and ease of handling. If you are a style enthusiast and want to trim or cut your hair frequently, trimmers can be a wise choice. 

Getting the right cut

You must be aware of the hairstyle that works best and defines your personality, but here, we’re considering the famous fade cut. The classic fade cut on the sides are common and match with most guys. A little extra top fade makes it easier when it comes to trimmers. This style is acceptable, easy to clean, and representable. Apart from only fade cuts, trimmers are suited for other cuts as well. 

Prepping up your hair before using trimmers is essential. Prepping your hair can be done with the help of a comb to remove away tangles. Depending on the choice cut you want, choose your attachment guard on the trimmers, and you are ready to lock the hairstyle on your head.


Convenience is a factor why people want to use trimmers these days. With the best trimmer in your hand, you don’t have to travel out to the stylists and wait in long queues. Trimmers let you cut and trim your hair from the comfort of your home. Not just for hair, but trimmers are also suitable for beards. This means transportation costs can be saved along with salon charges. This amount can be used on other essential things. Apart from budget, it also saves you time as you are not required to travel out to a hairstylist or take the risk of sitting in a public place for a long time. Just consider shaping up your hair, change your clothes, take a quick shower, and head to your next task.

Essential things to keep in mind

While cutting your own hair at home, keep in mind the following essential aspects:


Have someone to get help

Even if you are cutting your hair with a trimmer, it can sometimes be a bit tricky by just watching in the mirror. If you have someone for the styling, the cuts and trimmed portion will look even, and the overall style can be done precisely. If you are unlucky enough, consider having a couple of mirrors to check all the sides and handle the trimmers accordingly.

The texture and length

A home haircut can be hard enough for people who have thick, long, and straight hair. On the contrary, if the hair is too short, curly, or incredibly textured, crafting styles become prone to mistakes, and thus, it can be spotted easily. Trimmers will let you be extra cautious and handle the device easily.

Starting with small

Some people use a magnifying mirror for tweezing the eyebrows, and when they take a step back, it is realized that they have gone too far. The same goes for cutting hair at home. You can always go the extra mile in terms of cutting, but once the hair strands are out and snipped, you can’t control the patch. The problem is, DIYers often understand this when already the damage has been done. 

Stay away from horizontal lines.

It may give a feel of being extra smarty but cutting off your hair with a big horizontal line can be fashion-hazardous. Hold the trimmer straight alongside the length of the hair, rather than going across. Consider snipping them carefully with every bit at a time. This is a crucial step, especially if you have bangs. Horizontal lines sometimes become necessary to remove the length. However, if you are sniping it vertically, the hair becomes too blunt, and thus, it creates a definite sign of a home haircut. When cutting horizontally, make sure to follow the same with tiny vertical snips, so the ends become thin and make a natural appearance. 

Maintaining these essential guidelines can save you from disastrous haircuts. Make sure to get the best andis T outliner to make it easier.

Controlling the hairy looks

Considering the long queues at the barbershop, it is not always possible to explain your requirement clearly and precisely due to the huge number of customers on his/her waiting list. Also, if you have a new hairstylist on the way, it can be challenging to explain the recommended styles. With a trimmer in hand, all these can be prevented, and lots of time can be saved. Trimmers help you to control the hairy looks just like the way you want.

Using a trimmer for long and short hair

Longer hairs: If you have long hairs on the scalp, consider dividing them and clip them into sections. Take one area at a time and bring them forward. Determine the length you want to take off (as a rule of thumb, expert hairdressers recommend taking out a quarter of an inch to at least half an inch) and start cutting down. Trim the ends, and then with the help of small blades in the trimmers, snip down the ends to create a texture. It will also help in blending the new cuts with the existing ones. 

For shorter hair: Shorter hairs usually look good with damp locks. It is recommended that someone else does the task for you. When you have shorter hairs and a trimmer in hand, remember less is always enough. Make the sides equal and do the same around the head. You can also use a comb to determine the shears and the area that needs a cut. Be careful when trimming the areas near your ear. 

Cutting your hair wet or dry?

There are no exact or right answers to this question. Maybe it is recommended to dry out your hair when using a trimmer, but wet or dry is wholly based on personal preference. However, be sure that west hair strands can jam the blades in the trimmers and force them to malfunction. Also, too much oily hair can create problems. As per pros recommendations, the best andis T outliner can be used for creating blunt and sleek looks. Here, you can cut your hairs wet or at least damp. This gives a cleaner edge at the sides. A complete dry hair cut is recommended for layers, waves, and curls. This is because you will have an idea of what the end result is going to conclude in. 

Getting the best styles with minimal effort

Sideburns – Whether you are looking to straighten, tapper, or simply trim, maintaining uniformity on each side is crucial. Trimming sideburns become more comfortable when they are damp. Consider combing in the natural direction and use the trimmer to achieve the desired shape. 

Arch – The new generation arch styles don’t touch down to the ears. Here, using a scissor around the ears is a strict no. You can use a trimmer to easily shape the hairline in the natural direction of motion. Consider bending the ears down so that you get a clear passage for trimming down the overgrown hairs.

Neck – The neck area is the easiest part to go unnoticed as it stays out of sight. Be smart and remember that it is only out of your site. There are people around you, and they may notice a hairy neckline. All it takes is using a trimmer and mirror and stand in front. Near the trimmer to the closest position and drag upward till you get the desired shape.

If you want to make the process easy, convenient, and time-saving for you, consider buying the best one having a good reputation in the market. The best brands have already stood the test of time and provide a clear and clean shaped hair. It is not possible to cut and trim your hairs with rusted and improper devices. Consider all aspects, most essentially, the look and health aspects, while using a trimmer. 

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