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Healing Through Creative Visualization. The use of mental power for the accumulation and management of the vital power in the body.

by Tatiana Plesco
Creative Visualization
The doctor and psychiatrist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, Dr. Gerald Epstein is a pioneer in using creative visualization as a method of treatment.
For nearly 30 years, he has been exclusively dedicated to the development of these unusual methods of healing and has gained an international reputation.
Mere coincidence, say skeptics. How could the viewing, and is creativity, to have any effect on the elements that trigger a physiological disease? We just all know the story with the common cold, which treated passes in 7 days, and untreated … in a week.
Over 15 years of experience of Dr. Epstein looks, however, as you view exercise cured a wide array of diseases, most of them being far worse than a mere cold.

Process of Healing

The patient contributes directly to its own process of healing have been developed creative visualization exercises for different types of diseases, disorders, and diseases, and they have proven their effectiveness in the case of all persons who appeal with seriousness and perseverance.
disorders and diseases
To learn how to use the creative imagination, we do not need nor a lengthy study, tutoring. Let’s take, for example, the case of a patient who had fractured his wrist. She got them an orthopedist, who explained that the respective needs three months to return.
The diagnosis was confirmed shortly afterward by a second specialist. This patient, Dr. Epstein mentioned,I recommended accelerating healing technique: ‘ Withdraw in a quiet room, sit comfortably in an armchair or even lie on a blanket of wool and close eyes. Relax and relieve muscle structure easily.
Exhale deeply three times and focus attention towards your own being. After your quiet time, create an image in your mind of a fractured bone.
Imagine the broken limbs, bone and cheer up now. Imagine  that fill the inside of the bone marrow made whole, from one end to the other.
Viewed as the bone marrow, along with its ligaments, with blood and with its nerves, is located inside a cylinder of intense blue light healing, which weave a web of fine yarns through which the healing energy circulates continuously in a move the go-come, such as the two extremities of the bone marrow and are welded perfectly fastened until no longer exist even the slightest trace of fracture.

Bone Intact and Healed

Keep this image of the bone intact and healed as much as possible, after the possibilities; then open your eyes and return to daily activities. ‘ The patient was advised to repeat the exercise on a daily basis, from 3 in 3 hours, 3 minutes. It was estimated that it would have had to obtain significant results in a week or two.
daily activities
After he practiced with great dedication exercises for two weeks, as I said, the patient they continued, however, another week and then went to an orthopedic doctor for the control.
The specialist found astounded … as the bone was completely healed, so he checked, incredulous, once the first x-rays, which confirmed the diagnosis. According to what he knew from experience, this kind of fracture usually requires … three months to fix! It was incredible! Coming out of the doctor’s orthopedist, the patient simply radiate joy!
Mental images are as real as our emotions, to work on an image is a very simple process: means to find, to discover or to create a mental picture, a shape-thought.
These imagined forms, but nonetheless real, possesses all the characteristics of incidents, objects, or situations that we encounter on a daily basis in reality.
The difference is that, unlike objects collected in the waking state, they do not have a physical form, substantial. However, these mental images have an energy of its own. We can think about these images as some ‘ kids ‘ of our mind. We give them, for them to act on our behalf as agents and healers to stimulate the healing process themselves.
Discovering or creating these images, we commit ourselves in a process full of meanings. The images are as real as our emotions, as full of meanings as our dreams at night.
Obviously, what we create is a subjective reality, but a reality, endowed with the power to affect our physical body and to reveal certain aspects of our own personality. Preparing the mind for healing visualization work includes four main aspects.
mind for healing visualization
The first two constitutes the starting point of the entire education over the picture. These items were named by Dr. Epstein: cover and unwind.
The other two are part of the picture, the operating experience as such; they were called: purification and transformation.

The intent is directed by the will Power

The imagination is directly related to intention (mental action which channels the attention and our actions).
Everybody knows what is intention: ‘ I intend to go on vacation next month ‘, say us, and make our program according to this. Intention to guide us in all our works, be they major or insignificant.
What is the connection with healing visualization? When we perform an exercise over the picture, we always start by defining and clarifying our intentions (what we want to achieve through this exercise). If, for example, we want to heal a fracture, before you begin, you will need to tell us that we will weld the back bone. It’s as if we give ourselves an inner statement.
The intent is directed will. It is essential in the self-healing work generated images. Using your imagination, we will lead us towards the inside for us to bring better health and longer life. We become masters of our own lives. Calming the mind gives clarity of the images layout and our peace of mind  is easing.
The exercise described above began, as you probably noticed, through deep breathing. To expire several times deeply depending on the case, it is sufficient to achieve the necessary degree of relaxation. A relaxation too deep is not recommended here.
In fact, it is likely to us ‘ sleep ‘ consciousness or even let us sleep-hollow, making us in any case less sensitive to image experience. Here the goal is not easing but producing certain images that are then remembered. Attention is a State of mind, and imaginative activity must itself amplifies attention.

Bath Healing

Purification-the key to perfect health the most ancient known medical procedures included purification methods. Egyptian doctors, for example, as well as those of many other ancient cultures of the East and of the West, regarded as a necessity of bath healing.
Bath Healing
To us, healing baths and thermal springs are at least equally well-known view resort River. Generates a feeling of purification to be rid of a burden, that most of us have when we take a bath or a shower. Clinic experience confirms the significance of purification.
Of course, there is the cleansing operation with a mental image is more than just a physical purification. To be healthy means to be ‘ pure ‘, in all the acceptances of this term. From a moral point of view, you have to wonder if we are ‘ pure ‘ in relationships with others.
Many people believe that health is the date of birth. However, they do not inform wrong when the relationship between disease and wrong behavior, which induces subconsciously moods of guilt and self-punishment. The expression ‘ body never minds’ applies to both the spiritual and ethical, health and our food habits, physical exercise or the attitude towards work.
Our moral register in one way or another in our body and may have a nefarious influence over our mental and physical well-being. In order to heal, you have to start by purifying ourselves, through our actions and correcting bad habits. It demands to be open towards what we transmit sensations and body.

The Appearance of Healthy Attitudes

Purification is part of the healing process, creating a new environment that will allow the appearance of healthy attitudes, retrieval of an intended positive personality. The transformation begins from the inside what does, in fact, the statement that the transformation is part of the process of healing through visualization?
Quantum physics and the tradition of Mary affirms, in unison with other spiritual traditions, as the subjective experience of time, our limited vision over reality is, in fact, a steady stream of a neincetate transformations (famous his flow Heraclitus).
Quantum physics
The whole traditional Chinese medicine relies on the principle that disease is a synonym with a blockage of this vital. In other words, it is not just a rolling nature of resistance opposite things. We crampon often of what we consider to be the ‘ pure ‘ situation and thereby to block us and we do not allow the carrying out of import vim, a natural evolution of things.
The LDP of an ephemeral, which erroneously want permanent, can lead to suffering. Most often, this takes the form of suffering the disease.
Operation and image fusion with it being an evolutionary flow of the world are tightly connected to two aspects. No processing will not be from those who settle only modify external circumstances of life.
Viewing work on the body and mind can constitute the first step towards a real transformation towards a harmonious life.
The Creator is transforming our inertia of the appearance, an imagination to help us correct our behavior and attitudes that harm our health.
Intention, quieting, purification and transformation are necessary components in the healing process.
Only practical experience on its own can demonstrate the value and effectiveness of the methods of healing through creative visualization.

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