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Health Benefits Of A Clean Bathroom

by Tatiana Plesco

Cleaning is a tedious chore, but there are a number of important benefits to gain by ensuring that your surroundings are neat and tidy – especially your bathroom. Every time you flush your toilet, water droplets can spray through the air and end up on a number of other surfaces. The added moisture and humidity in the bathroom can also contribute to the growth of bacteria and mold, making a dirty bathroom a true health hazard.

A few minutes a day is all it takes to straighten up your bathroom and keep yourself healthy – as long as you stay on top of it. The health benefits of a clean bathroom should be all the motivation you need to spend a little more time each day tidying up one of the most-used rooms in your house.

  • Prevent bacterial growth

Bacteria can collect in a number of places throughout your bathroom, so it’s important to clean regularly to make sure it’s not lurking in places like your sink faucet or your towels. Keeping your bathroom sterile and clean by using disinfecting sprays or wipes on high-touch surfaces is a great way to minimize the growth of bacteria. Be sure to wipe the toilet flusher, door knobs and pulls, and faucets – anywhere your hand touches frequently.

  • Avoid Mold

According to Tilex, with the right temperature conditions and the right amount of moisture, mold can grow in as little as 48 hours – and a warm, damp bathroom is the perfect place for it to hide. Mold can even grow in places like windowsills, which is why it’s so important to wipe all surfaces in your bathroom on a regular basis. Mold can be a difficult issue to deal with once it starts growing, so stay on top of it by keeping your bathroom clean.

  • Eliminate smell

Keeping the toilet lid closed when flushing can keep droplets from splashing all over the room, but they’ll still be all over the toilet bowl and lid. If you aren’t cleaning these areas regularly, the smell can get pretty overwhelming – and unpleasant. Men using the toilet from a standing position can also contribute to this issue, so if there are men in your house, you might want to clean more often. An air freshener might help mask the smell, but it’s better to eliminate the underlying cause.

  • Fight infections

This goes hand in hand with the tip about bacteria, but it’s worth noting that you should keep your toothbrush and other toiletries somewhere dry and covered, so there is less risk of them being exposed to bacteria or growing mold. If you keep them clean and wipe down your bathroom regularly, you’ll see a reduced chance of catching the flu or cold.

Fight Infection

  • Better mental health

It’s not just your physical health that can benefit from a clean bathroom. Spending your time in a clean and tidy space is a lot more relaxing and enjoyable – even therapeutic. Research shows that people with clean homes are generally healthier and more active than people who don’t prioritize cleanliness. You’ll also feel less anxious about having company over – they’ll be impressed when they see your spotless bathroom, and you’ll feel confident showing off your beautiful living space.

Experts say you can keep your bathroom clean and tidy by spending only three minutes a day – all you have to do is keep it from ever getting dirty! You might need to do a thorough deep-clean first, but if you spend less than five minutes a day wiping down your bathroom surfaces and accessories, you can enjoy the great health benefits of a clean bathroom without dreading the chore of cleaning it from top to bottom on a regular basis.

When you’re cleaning, make sure to remove everything from shelves and countertops so that you can wipe every surface in the room – even the walls. Open the windows and door to keep the room well-ventilated while you’re exposed to cleaning agents, and clean everything that sits out in the room potentially collecting harmful bacteria or mold.

Cleaning the bathroom can be an overwhelming task, but making it a priority and keeping on top of it can bring you some great health benefits.

Article by Jon Reyes, a guest writer from Steam and Shower UK. Jon is a specialist writer and has extensive knowledge in everything related to steam showers, saunas, and hydrotherapy benefits.

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