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Health Benefits of Persimmon Fruit for Preventing Many Diseases

by Tatiana Plesco
Health Benefit of Persimmon Fruit for Preventing Many Diseases
This is why some buy persimmon by the ton! There are ten stunning reasons. Who learns, does not remain indifferent.
Once autumn arrives, on counters of markets and supermarkets, there are bright orange fruits for sale from overseas called persimmon.
In translation with Persian, the persimmon means the date, and from Latin — « food of gods.» Properly chosen sweet fruit, as sugar makes a quarter of its weight. Therefore, if you will take two ripe fruits to work – you will not starve.
Together with nutritious energy, you receive an adequate set of vitamins, mineral substances, and lots of pleasure.
  •  Take care of your vision.

Health Benefits of Persimmon Fruit for better vision

The ripe persimmon fruit contains a considerable quantity of beta-carotin, which strengthens the vision and prevents the aging of the eyes.

  • It Protects the lungs.


Health Benefits of Persimmon Fruit for Preventing the lungs

The same beta-carotin cares about your respiratory system and prevents the progress of bronchitis and pneumonia if you are a chain smoker, a persimmon – your fruit.

  •  Support the heart’s health.

heart line
In the structure of a persimmon, enter vegetative sugar and calcium, which are very useful to a cardiac muscle and strengthen walls of vessels. Thanks to that, the persimmon stabilizes arterial pressure and helps in the struggle with hypertension.
  •  Strengthen intestines.

Health Benefits of Persimmon Fruit for immune system

A persimmon – excellent knitting properties for the intestines and an excellent аnalgesic for gastric pains

  • Heal the wounds.

Health Benefits of Persimmon Fruit

Fruits of a ripe persimmon contain excellent knitting and bactericidal action, therefore put pure fruit to a wound or a burn, and it will provide fast healing.

  •  Will rescue the kidneys.

 Persimmon Fruit for Preventing kidneys
This fruit was used long ago for various illnesses of kidneys and a bladder. Magnesium, which there is enough, helps to reduce the organism salt and sodium and unloads kidneys. And for the diuretic effect, it is necessary to eat 3-4 fruits a day, alternating them with hot milk.
  •  Banish anemia.

anemia in blood
In the fruit and leaves of persimmon, there is a whole list of microelements and vitamins and lots of iron; this is why to drink tea from this fruit will help prevent and ease anemia.
  •  Get rid of the pain in the throat.

mouth tonsils
Because of the high content of vitamins A and C, the persimmon supports immunity at seasonal colds. And if a virus has overtaken you, rinse your throat with the juice of one persimmon dissolved in a wine-glass of warm water, and pain will recede.
  •  Say goodbye to depression.

One ripe fruit a day will sate your organism with magnesium, which calms nerves and provides sound sleep. And fructose and glucose will take care of your mood.
CHOOSE PROPERLY. It is considered that « the food of gods » should be tart. Not in this case, tartness testifies to immaturity. If you don’t prefer the taste of this fruit, then freeze the nuts for 12 hrs, and the persimmon becomes sweet. And to not make the wrong choice, pay attention to strips on the skin of the fruit: the more, the better – that it is more delicious. Besides, the thin coat should be firm and smooth but pulp soft. From such fruit, you will get the maximum!
Updated 3/22/2020

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