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Healthy Breathing For A Powerful Health

by Tatiana Plesco
Healthy Breathing

The correct breathing technique can heal. It can relieve pain, indigestion remedy and strengthen the brain. The better the cells are in fact supplied with oxygen and the more effective the removal of toxins is completed, the stronger and healthier we feel – both physically and mentally. Especially in a stressful everyday life, the proper breathing rhythm leads to improved energy supply and more robust health.

The breath gives life energy. We breathe, so long as we live. We breathe, without us having to think about it. We breathe during sleep. This is because there is someone watching our breath. Someone who never sleeps: The respiratory center of the brain. It works tirelessly and ensures that we are constantly supplied with oxygen and carbon dioxide can give. The respiratory center feels exactly the situation in which we find ourselves. Are we stressed or relaxed? We sleep or we are awake? We sit in a chair or we run the departing bus afterward?

  • The breath adapts

Finally, it is extremely important for our survival that we always have enough oxygen. In turn, the carbon dioxide must be excreted as a waste product of our cellular respiration again.

With increased physical, the breathing activity automatically increases. Why? The body needs more oxygen. At the same time, the increase in carbon dioxide emissions must be exhaled. It then comes to rest, the respiratory rate decreases again. The oxygen demand decreases and the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled carbon dioxide bring the levels back into normal ranges.

  • Stress destroys the natural airflow

Because breathing is unconscious and thus adapts to the individual rhythm of life, many people breathe shallow and cramped. Prolonged stress and anxiety can lead to a respiratory rate which is actually necessary only in escape situations. “Breathe Right” means letting the breath flow effortlessly through the body. The breath should flow up into the abdomen and pelvis and also be felt in the back and kidney area.

  • Health begins with proper breathing

An adult human breathes approximately twelve times per minute, but the way he HOW inhales and exhales affected his health significantly. Many complaints can be alleviated if the consciousness is focused on healthy breathing.

Health begins with proper breathing

  • Incorrect breathing leads to pain and disease

Optimal oxygenated blood always remains liquid and can quickly reach every cell of the body. On his way back, it can take away and drain out toxins and proteins. According to Dr. West healing processes of any kind to provide optimal support. On the other hand, if the blood is enriched with too little oxygen, the blood cells stick together and jam together with proteins in the lymphatic system. The natural transport mechanisms are severely disturbed. Toxins get stuck in the body and minerals don’t reach their destination. According to West, these toxins can accumulate, for example in the joints and cause pain, which is then diagnosed as arthritis.

Existing diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis, digestive disorders, migraine, tension headache, depression, insomnia, and burnout can be alleviated proven through specific breathing exercises.

  • Correct breathing – Practice

Always breathe through the nose. In contrast to mouth, breathing is warmed in the nasal breathing the breath, moistened and filtered by coarse contaminants.

Correct breathing

The flow of breathing can be particularly well recalled when you leave whistling the air flow through the teeth. Just five minutes a day with focused deep breathing makes a significant difference and is reflected in increased well-being. Anything that puts the chest and the organs therein in motion results in better circulation. In addition to breathing exercises and movement and a hearty fit of laughter help the original mobility of the chest to restore.

  • Breathing against fear

Recommended techniques for breath control are also found in Sudarshan Kriya Yoga, a breathing technique from yoga that can demonstrably lead, for example, from anxiety to relief. Even in the so-called. Posttraumatic stress syndrome can bring an improvement in the proper breathing.

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