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Healthy Fast Food Is Not A Myth if Done Right

by Tatiana Plesco

Always carrying home-cooked meals with you is not possible. You might be getting late for work, or might be too tired and do not feel like cooking. Whatever the reason be, you possibly will head towards a fast food restaurant when you are hungry. Once you enter a fast food restaurant most of you will be wondering are there any organic and healthy fast food available. Is healthy fast food just a myth? Well, even though it may sound like a fiction, but if you are aware of the fast food facts, you will be able to realize that healthy fast food is indeed possible. You just need to be wise and make the right decision.

“Healthy fast food” – does it even exist? You probably have been asked by school teachers or your parents about healthy fast food existing. Moreover, you have even tried to find an answer with the help of essay writing service. So you need to know that a recent study published in Shape magazine by nutritionists found healthy fast food choices can surprisingly make on the run! Given below are some options that would be best for you if you plan to eat in a fast food restaurant. Yes, the options can be different in different eateries, and different countries, but the suggestions give will certainly prove to be of great help. Without further waiting, let us get to know how can you pick the right cheap and easy meals, and still not have to worry about all those calories.

  • What should be considered?

Healthy fast food is expected to be delicious, organic, affordable and 100% gluten free. Pay attention to the main features of the fast food restaurant you entered to have a snack. When you want healthy fast food, there are a few things to think about:

  1. How much nutritional value the raw ingredient has
  2. How it was raised or grown
  3. How it is prepared.

For example, there are different types of fats — 10 grams of butter are different from 10 grams of extra virgin olive oil. Fast food restaurants which tend to serve healthy meals use “healthy fats,” like avocado, extra virgin olive oil, and nuts — items which are proven to have positive effects on cognitive function. Some fast food chains are now offering other better sides like salads or fruit instead of fatty fries. Ethnic take-out like Chinese, Thai or Indian tend to be rich in vegetables.

  • Myths People Believe About Fast Food

There exist many rumors of the fast food industry’s incompetence. They are greatly overstated. For instance, people have an odd belief that mass-produced food is literally made of industrial chemicals. This has led to the even odder belief that fast food hamburgers never decay. An independent study proved the opposite. Actually, if hamburger is made with organic products all essential components will be saved. Another myth is that fast food restaurants are suggested to be less healthy than dine-in establishments. Actually, the average full meal at a sit-down place hit about 1,500 calories and went well over the daily recommended caloric intake. You may choose a mustard grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo, and a no dressing side salad at the fast food restaurant or have a small wrap sandwich, about 250-400 calories and save more calories.

Myths People Believe About Fast Food

  • What are the Healthiest Options at Fast Food restaurants?

If you are at Mexican fast food joint think about beans, chicken, beef, cheese, tortillas, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. Just a few of these things contain too much fat or calories, and so planning a healthy diet in Mexican fast food restaurants will not at all be difficult. When choosing your meal try to opt for fresh veggies, lean protein like beans or meat, and rice. If you want some extra flavor opt for salsa, and try to avoid sour cream or cheese. If you have a bowl of crunchy taco, it will come with 170 calories, a bean burrito just has 200 calories, a chicken taco salad has 180 calories, a chicken enchilada offers about 250 calories, and a bean burrito offers 320 calories.

If you are at Chinese fast food eatery, you can order a veggie stir-fry with broth, and avoid oil. You may even go for steamed vegetables and seafood with some plain rice. What is important is to go through the menu carefully, and then think how you can avoid excess sodium and oil. If you have a cup of egg drop soup, you will be consuming 100 calories and if you plan to have a cup of wonton soup, your calorie intake will be just 150 calories.

  • What is the Conclusion?

Healthy fast foods are not myths. You can eat on the go and visit your favorite fast food restaurant without feeling guilty. All you need to do is be careful, read the menu, make a proper selection, and you are all set to relish your favorite fast food without adding too many calories.

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