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Herbal Remedies For Increasing Milk Supply

by Tatiana Plesco
Herbal Remedies

Breastfeeding is an essential process to help nurture a new-born baby. Herbal galactagogues are useful in increasing milk production and have been used by lactating women since centuries. They assist in improving the milk flow and improved milk flow means a well nourished and healthy baby.

Herbal remedies are believed to increase milk supply and are commonly used by many breastfeeding mothers who face various problems in breastfeeding. There are certain herbs and plants that comprise pharmacological agents which help to increase the milk supply. Some herbal remedies may act as placebos, whereas some may have one or more active ingredients. Side effects caused to the baby from using herbs are extremely rare. Fenugreek is one such herb that is known to increase the milk supply in breastfeeding mothers. Another option is the blessed thistle. When taken together in combination, they produce good results. The fenugreek that is consumed for this purpose should be absolutely fresh and give off a strong odor typical its nature when the container is opened. It is reported to be an excellent galactagogue and is being actively used several centuries.

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Other notable herbs that are used to increase milk supply include fennel seeds, raspberry leaf, spirulina, alfalfa, goats rue, stinging nettle, brewer’s yeast, and Shatavari. Regular consumption of oatmeal is also recommended by doctors to increase the supply of milk. These herbal treatments to increase the milk supply in breastfeeding mothers are not backed scientifically, but are practiced across various cultures all over the globe and are claimed to be highly efficient by users.

Lactation teams named as ‘mother’s milk tea’ are also popular herbal supplements used for the purpose of milk production. Goats rule is recommended by doctors as a galactagogue and it is found to increase milk production in nursing mothers. Though there are several herbal supplements prescribed for improvement in milk production, researches and studies are still being conducted to study their effects in detail.

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