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Does Herbs Help In Gaining Weight?

by Tatiana Plesco

The majority of the world population look for ways to losing weight. And fewer amounts of people follow tips for gaining weight. But, it does not weight gain programs become unsuccessful. Yes, you can surely increase your weight by following some tips. Well, I am not talking about gaining weight through fast or processed foods. Instead, I am talking about gaining weight in a healthier way. Out of all tips, one wonderful way to gaining weight is eating herbs. Certainly, herbs play a crucial role in gaining weight in shorter periods. Other than avoiding strokes, constipation, high cholesterols, diabetes etc, they also help in acquiring weight. In this article, I have specifically written about the role of herbs in gaining weight.

  • How Herbs Helping Gaining Weight?

The aspiration of gaining weight mostly comes from doctor’s suggestions. And some people also look for gaining weight when they find their thinness uncomfortable or bad. They just don’t like their body. And after hearing a lot from others, they start to follow weight gain tips. Herbs or herbal products help in avoiding diseases that cause problems in the path of weight gain program. Herbs also help in Boosting hormones such as endorphins, serotonin etc that avoid stress and allow the success of weight gain programs. With herbs, you can avail adequate appetite and avoid excessive calories from industrial or processed foods. You can also increase your body fiber with the help of herbs.

Do you know it is more difficult to gain weight than to lose weight? Certainly, a study had proven this fact. So, if you want to gain weight, you need to more sincere and put more efforts. Now, I have shared some herbs that particularly helpful in gaining weight:

  • Gentian

 Gentian is one of the best herbs when people recover from illness or other health problems. With this herb, you can acquire your healthy figure in very shorter periods. Surely, gentian helps in increasing weight in a healthier way. It contains properties that help in enhancing food absorption and gastric secretion. So, you can increase your appetite, eat more and acquire weight. This herb also helps in improving synthesizing of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins etc. Moreover, by eating gentian, you can improve the functioning of your digestive organs such as small intestine, stomach etc.

  • Dandelion

 Here is a sweet flavor that specifically stimulates the appetite. Various types of tonics are manufactured with the help of this herb. With dandelion, you can boost several digestive enzymes and increase your body weight. For making healthy syrups, you should boil three-four flowers in 50 ml water. Then stir the mixture and drink it. If you want additional benefits, you should eat a banana after 30 minutes when you drink the syrup. You should drink the dandelion syrup at least 3 times in a day. Banana is one of the best fruits for gaining weight in a healthy way. Make a habit of drinking dandelion tonic and eating bananas for increasing the body weight in shorter periods.

  • Cannabis

If you are looking for a herb that will help in increasing your appetite, cannabis is the best option for you. With this herb, you can gain your weight in very short periods. Cannabis is commonly called by the name “marijuana”. People in various countries such as France, United States Of America use cannabis for gaining weight. Several types of tonics and medicines are made with the help of cannabis. For the best results,

  • You need to take a prescription if want to use on regular basis.
  • You need to use this herb judiciously.
  • Ginger

 This strange taste herb offers many health benefits such as controlled blood sugar, improved digestive system etc. Ginger is among the best herbs for curing intestinal issues. Through this herb, you can improve your appetite and enjoy your meals in a better way. By consuming this herb, you can avoid stomach problems such as

  1. Dyspepsia
  2. Nausea
  3. Strokes

Most people add ginger in their dishes and recipes. Especially, the dishes that contain potatoes are made by using ginger. You should also add this herb to your favorite recipes or in your daily meals. Or you can also eat uncooked ginger. In comparison to cooked fiber, uncooked ginger offers more health benefits. All doctors recommend ginger herb to patients with weight problems. If you are looking for a herb that can warm your digestive tract, you need to consume ginger.

  • Ashwagandha

 Here is a herb that particularly needs to be consumed with the healthy or balanced diet. This herb is mostly used as a supplement in different types of food. Various antioxidant properties present in ashwagandha help in

  1. Reducing Stress or anxiety
  2. Providing Oxygen or Energy
  3. Improving Appetite and Metabolism
  4. Minimizing fatigue, strain and other injuries

This herb should also be consumed during your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With ashwagandha, you can easily digest proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and other nutrients and gain your weight.

Final Verdict

Yes, herbs help a lot in gaining weight. With herbs, you can gain 4-6 pounds of weight in 3-5 weeks. Herbs play a crucial role in Boosting happy hormones such as serotonin, endorphins etc. Nutritious herbs offer vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and so help in gaining weight in a healthy way. With gentian, you can increase your appetite and stimulate secretion of gastric juices. By consuming syrups made from dandelion, you can boost your digestive enzymes and increase your body weight. Cannabis helps in avoiding various gastrointestinal problems. Ginger, a herb with strange taste, is great for avoiding nausea and dyspepsia. For stimulating your metabolism, you should consume ashwagandha supplements on regular basis. So, make a habit of adding these herbs in your foods for gaining weight.

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