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Hippocrates Diet and It’s Full Power – Transform Your Body in 7 Years

by Tatiana Plesco
Hippocrates Diet

One of the most respected doctors worldwide who managed through its work to restore hope and life for thousands of people who will no longer be given any chance is Dr. Brian Clement.

Brian Clement has spent more than three decades studying nutrition and natural health. He is a graduate in working within a naturopathic medicine and nutritional sciences.

From 1980 he has coordinated the Hippocrates Institute growth and development and facilitated the implementation of progressive treatments natural health with great success as well as: live food diet, wheatgrass therapy, darkfield microscopy and the essentials of mind-body therapy.

Along the years it has assumed the role of health advocate, motivating a very large audience that was eager to take steps to improve their lives.
As a result of his vast experience, Brian Clement came up with advice for understanding the processes that take place inside the body during detox.
In fact, 60 percent of the accumulated waste will be removed during the first seven days of the program [Hippocrates Health program], but full healing and regeneration of the body lasts a total of 7 years and is broken down into the following steps.
  1. Between the first day and the first year and a half (1-1½ years)-is caused by cleaning the digestive tract and elimination of large deposits of fat and deposits.
  2. Between the first half year and the first two years (1½-2 years)-deep cleaning tissues and joints.
  3. Between the first two years and the first five years (2-5 years)-cleaning and regeneration of bone structure, the cartilage and joints further cleaning.
  4. Between the first half and the first five years, six years and three months (5 ½-6 ¼ year)-repositioning and renewal of the organs.
  5. Among the first six years and three months and the first seven years (6 ¼-7 years)-brain tissue and cleaning neurological.
Cleaning reactions may result while layer after layer is taken apart. But you will feel better and better as time goes on. Due to the body’s cellular intelligence, each side is affected. And when one part is renewed, it leads to greater integrity and to greater harmony within all beings.
What is the Hippocrates programme? … .. largely live food, read below the basic principles as they are structured by Ane de Wigmore, who founded the Institute after over her 50 years of age.

Hippocrates diet

  • Protein

Fermented Sauces, yogurt, cheese and milk from seeds and nuts; seeds, beans, and nuts germinated; avocado.
  • Green Drinks

    Hippocrates Diet green drinks

  •  Transitional food
Beans, peas, lentils (soups) lightly cooked; tofu, tempeh, fresh roasted nuts and nut butter, nuts and seeds.
  •  To be avoided entirely
Red meat, fish, poultry, eggs; pasteurized milk and cheese; hydrolyzed vegetable protein, derived from any other products of animal origin.
  •  Carbohydrates

Cereal Crisps; whole grain cereal, cereal, grains heated; sprouted wheat bread, cereal milk; sprouted grain crusts; another cereal snack raw or sprouted.
  •  Transitional Food

Bread (without yeast), cookies without yeast, rice, wheat, millet, buckwheat, barley, oats, corn, rye bulgur, all integrated cooked easily, whole grain sprouted naturally, granola.
  •  Avoided completely

All bread with yeast and flour products, processed cereals, white rice, pasta, oat flakes with sugar, pastry products containing oils refined sugar, refined flour, additives.
  •  Fats/Oils

Hippocrates Diet: Avocado, cheese from the seeds and nuts; nut butter fresh and raw in small quantities; dressing and yogurt plant from seeds and nuts, raw and fresh.
  •  To be avoided completely

All oils, except olives and Sesame oil, rendered butternuts and peanut butter or sour cream commercial, pasteurized, all foods that contain or are cooked in oils.

 Hippocrates diet

  • Veggies

Greens of any kind and other veggies sprouted, raw, dried or pickled without salt, blended in soups or squeezed.

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