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Home Remedies To Reduce Pigmentation

by Tatiana Plesco
Reduce Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a skin disorder that makes skin appears patchy and dark. Here are some home remedies to get rid of hyperpigmentation, naturally.

  • Vegetable juice:

Extract the juice of veggies like potato, cucumber, tomato, etc. and apply it directly to your skin. It will help to lighten pigmentation as well as make your complexion even.

vegetable juice

  • Milk and honey:

Apply a paste of honey and milk to the area affected by hyperpigmentation. Applying curd on your face and other areas of skin is also an excellent remedy that helps to peel off old skin and displays curative properties when used for a specific time.

  • Avocado:

This fruit is also an excellent source of vitamin E and works wonders to get rid of hyperpigmentation. Just mash avocado to make a smooth paste and apply it to the hyperpigmented areas. Adding some milk to the mix will give a smoother paste.

  • Vitamin E:

Massage your skin with vitamin E to reduce hyperpigmentation. Another option is to consume vitamin E supplements regularly to get great skin.

  • Natural face packs:

Face masks like oatmeals pack, sandalwood pack, and orange peel pack work wonders for your skin and also reduce hyperpigmentation. Apply them a few times a week to see a positive difference. Oatmeals pack can make by mixing oatmeals powder with milk and honey. Apply this paste on your face and to the affected areas and rinse off when completely dried, to lighten the pigmentation. You can make a sandalwood pack by mixing some sandalwood powder or gram flour powder with turmeric and milk. Apply this paste to the affected areas of skin to get good results. Make an orange peel pack by drying orange peel and powdering it. Now apply it, the hyperpigmented areas, and wash it off after 30 minutes.

  • Almonds:

Almonds are rich in vitamin E and hence are excellent for the skin. Soak almonds overnight and make a paste of milk and almonds. Apply this to your face and leave it on for some time. Eating almonds is also an effective remedy for hyperpigmentation.

Almonds To Reduce Pigmentation

  • Mint leaves:

They have excellent curative and soothing properties and are an excellent remedy for hyperpigmentation. Make a fine paste of mint leaves with some cold milk and apply it to the affected areas to reduce the signs of hyperpigmentation.

Updated: 17 June 2020

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