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How Bad Phones For Our Health Really Are?

by Tatiana Plesco
How Bad Phones For Our Health Really Are?
Perhaps you’ve heard that use of mobile phones can expose you to the unhealthy levels of radiation. With 1.9 billion mobile phone users worldwide (208 million in the U.S. alone), cell phones have become a technical solution for communication and will not disappear anytime soon.
Investigations so far have been mixed, but some experts, like Dr. George Carlo, former director of safety research projects offer $28 million mobile phone industry, thinks we might be on the verge of a major health crisis. Specifically, he thinks the world would be on the tightrope, with 500 000 cases of brain cancer and other cancers annually, due to the increasing proliferation of power-and-mobile technology.
Experts warn that research has already put in touch use handset-at least in theory, with a range of disorders as well as intensified pains, hypertension, early onset Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, of course. They say that such researches are necessary preliminaries, and more research to achieve safety, radiation effects are cumulative and affects different people in different ways-and in different rhythms.  There is no time to lose in order to develop habits that will limit the exposure.

Here are a few ideas that can reduce the risks posed by mobile phone: 

1. Limit time spent in mobile.

Reduce the time spent on your cell phone, take only the most necessary calls, keep them short and to the point. Research has shown that a short call, two minutes, may alter the natural electrical activity of the brain up to an hour.
Limit time spent in mobile

2 . Send SMS when you can.

Obviously you don’t want to do this when driving or reliance upon any other activity that require entire attention, but when an SMS will be enough, submit one instead of talking on the phone.

3. Consider replacing your phone with a phone with little power.

Anytime you receive or make a call, your phone’s signal travels on the electromagnetic waves, and scientists still don’t know-fully-how much these will affect your health during a given period. So for now, the researchers will suggest you to replace the current model with a phone with little power. See recommendations Environmental Working Group/working group for the environment here in Eng.: http://www.ewg.org/cellphoneradiation/Get-a-Safer-Phone

4 . Use headphones or speaker phone.

Right now there isn’t enough research to determine whether the use of loudspeaker or distribute offers a better protection, and not using the phone. But one thing is known: electromagnetic waves emitted by the phone are absorbed by/received the temporal lobe of the brain during normal use (phone to your ear) and that this part of the brain in charge of hearing, auditory data processing, the formation of long-term memory, speech, and mind.
Use headphones or speaker phone
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5. Do not hold the phone away from your body/waist during use.

Again, it is a device that emits and transmits electromagnetic waves which are absorbed by the soft tissues of the body. A study suggests that men who inhabit gate near the waist, might have lessened the number of sperm with a third.

6.Delayed use.

If you use the handset without headphones, expecting to form a connection before carrying the phone to your ear.

7. Avoid using the phone in closed metal bins.

It may sound funny, but cell phone use to say in the elevator or in the car reduces the signal strength and force the phone to use more power to connect.

8. About power .

If the signal is reduced to a few bars, better wait until fully charged. Again it is a matter of power: lower signal means more power for use.

9. A word about EMF (electromagnetic fields).

Protect yourself from EMF-electromagnetic fields. You can do this by buying a protective device has been validated scientifically. By doing this, you will strengthen your immune system and bioenergetics field against the damaging effects of EMF.
Protect yourself from EMF-electromagnetic fields

10. As always, support your body through proper nutrition.

Think of dietary supplementation with antioxidants such as glutathione and catalase, Coenzyme Q10. You can supplement the diet with zinc and melatonin, and Gingko Biloba.
When you think of these suggestions, remember: “voluntary Exposure of the brain to microwaves from mobile phones. The greatest human experiment ever done, “says Leif Salford, director of research at Lund University, Sweden. It’s enough to make the experiment in which a grain of corn between two phones that call one another to see how the seed of the corn swell and turn into popcorn. Pretty much the same happens with our cells in the brain.

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