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How Dance Can Be You Best Meditation?

by Tatiana Plesco
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For generations, people have used dance as a way of meditating. Our ancestors danced in groups to worship crops and good fortune. Many People do not realize that they are meditating while they dance until the music ends and you slowly come back to yourself.

In modern society, we are not chanting or dancing around a fire, but dancing as a method of deep meditation is alive and well. Do a quick internet search on “dance therapist” and you will be surprised at how many there are.

What’s the difference?

The obvious answer is standard meditation is sitting still and making full contact with your body and dancing is moving to music while maintaining full control of the body. But there is much more to it than that.

Standard meditation

You select a place that is perfectly quiet and still. You assume the position of sitting cross-legged on the floor. You release all your thoughts and concentrate on the air coming into and out of your lungs. As you exhale, you release any negative energies that are in your mind. The purpose is not to solve the problems that are on your mind, but to release that which is weighing you down, cramping your creativity, and mentally draining you. You can compare it to using mental and physical control to cleanse your body, thus allowing you a fresh and new outlook on life.

This is a great concept for many people and it has been used successfully for thousands of years. But it is not for everyone, Some of us can try as hard as we can to meditate quietly. We find ourselves thinking about the stove that needs cleaning, the laundry that needs to be done, and if we will be able to walk again since we have now lost all feeling in our left leg. It’s just not for all of us.

standard meditation

Dance meditation

It does not matter if you are in a studio or your living room with the coffee table pushed out of the way, you can dance away all those issues. It is in the practice of dancing that prevents those invasive ideas.

A dancer puts on clothes that are safe to dance in. Leotards are very important, as they give you some support. You can get good quality discount dance leotards by Just For Kix online. They also have a great selection of dance shoes, and you are ready.

The difference

When you are dancing as a tool for meditation, you are listening (not trying for silence.) You listen deep into the music, past the voice, past the melody, past the instrument being played. You are listening for the purity of each note.

While you are listening (just like in traditional meditation) you are taking control of your body. The music fills your mind and your body moves freely It is unrestrained. You dance as you wish; as the music leads you. You focus on the air filling your lungs and exiting your body. You are aware of your heart beating in your chest and of your body becoming part of the natural environment. You must control every muscle of your body from the calm expression on your face to the way you land on the floor. You control how your arms float. You make the work seem effortless. In fact, it is controlling every muscle of your body.

While this is what you do, notice, your mind is filled with the most important of the moment, you are not thinking about housework. You have achieved a higher level of meditation. You have given yourself the gift of a mental and physical workout.

physical workout

Teaching the children

If you teach this to your children at a young age, they know how to release negativity brought on by others. They are mentally prepared. They grow up with confidence and sureness in themselves. Words from bullies bounce off. They know they are special, and they know their worth. Words from someone else trying to hurt the bounce off them and bullies move on to someone they can get a reaction from.

There is not a right way or a wrong way to meditate. You find the way that bests fits you. Meditation is a way to grow into the person you want to be. It makes you stronger and bolder. It plants you into the center of your world, and that is where you belong.

Updated: 10 April 2019

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